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Way to go Jeff and Vikas! So happy about the news and excited you now have all the resources you need to focus on your true passion.

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That's awesome! Did you buy the pass? I thought about it but I just don't have enough time to travel in Sept. What an awesome idea though, right? I heard you guys killed it at Investor Day! Congrats! We will have to get together sometime soon. Thanks for catching the date...oops!

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Thanks for your tips. Made changes to reflect your comments. Great catches.

Taxes and fees ARE included for domestic destinations.

35 points = about 6 long flights so I defend my statement of racking up a lot of points with this pass. It would take almost 9 medium flights and almost 18 short flights to get this many points. I don't fly every day so it would be hard for me to get 35 points any other way.

I wrote the post when it was announced on Wednesday and it sat in drafts until today so sorry about the typo.

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I agree!!!!

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I hate flying too although my recent experiences with Southwest have been fantastic. Have you had any luck with them? They just put a bid out to acquire Frontier so they may become a real player in the Denver market. Their frequent flyer program sucks though. Can't wait to hear how your month off goes!

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I think it's almost time for another competition, Owocki....whaddya say!?

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Nice work! Grab a Red Bull (or five) and get reading!!! :)

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Thank you for reading our blog. I really enjoyed your blog post as well. I think you hit the nail on the head. I especially loved the plug at the end.... ;)

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Nice! Good luck and I look forward to meeting you at TS for a Day...

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I'm not sure. Perhaps just show up at the shoot. Good luck!