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I wish I was flashed.

15 years ago @ No Sense of Time - Fly, Fatass, Fly #1 · 1 reply · +1 points

My feet always have bothered me, they are incredibly flat footed and very wide so I have problems with them whatever I do. My solution to the running problem (which back when I ran 6:30 minute miles resulted in horrible stress fractures) is not to run. There is plenty of other things you can do, bike, hike (trail running is easier on feet but harder on legs), swim, etc. No need to destroy your legs just so you can run.

It'd be cool if you did my biggest loser type weight ins, or at least throw up your current weight in there. You can use gymnee to track it, great app.

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I'm in!

15 years ago @ PeteSearch - True love and statistics · 1 reply · +1 points

I knew Brian was in love with Jared all along!

15 years ago @ - Recursion in PHP · 0 replies · +1 points

What I love is the fact that there is many ways to do the same thing, here is another way to do leap year: date('L', strtotime("$year-01-01")) ? 'Yes' : 'No';

15 years ago @ - Recursion in PHP · 1 reply · +1 points

While recursion is a great thing to learn and it does have its use, in this case strtotime() is both quicker and cleaner solution:

$date = strtotime("sunday, september 2008");
echo date("m d y", $date);

As an added bonus here is how you get thanksgiving correctly every year:
strtotime("thursday, november ".date("Y")." + 3 weeks")

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Actually I am on dual monitors 1 a macbookpro (1440) and another is 22 inch monitor and I had to make my window wider to accommodate both sidebars. I actually didn't even know there was a right sidebar before I read through the comments.

I am all for having wider and more high rez images and for your blog (which I love) it is very important but having a sidebar on both sides seems a bit excessive. I would love to see the ads and archives/tags combined to one side and it will would be right about perfect width.

15 years ago @ filtrbox blog - New Features: improved... · 0 replies · +2 points

I saw the demo of this a few weeks back and have been eagerly waiting for it to be released into the wild. Refined source control, better quality results, more responsive graphs and ability to export the data, what more can we ask for? All those features (love the OPML import) are a great addition to an already excellent tool.

Great job Filtrbox Team!

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Wow, awesome! Testing it out now, definitely gonna give you guys 5 stars for the itunes review!

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Hey just so you guys know this does not work with Firefox 3.1 beta 1, it goes and asks me what location type I want to disclose but after I pick any option, nothing happens.