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I share your suspicion of "compassion." What I have decided is, if I don't feel it, I should not fake it. But I should absolutely strive not to lose my temper. And I will try to view those religious zealots as brainwashed mammals, so my expectations for them should not be so high.
Some humans really do have limited capacity to understand and analyze. I will try to have compassion for those type of brains the same way I have compassion for dogs and cats!

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Hey, hang in there! We only have a finite number of hours of life. Might as well stick them out and see what trouble we can cause along the way!

As for the holidays in general, we should each do what makes us happy, and try to reduce the amount of suffering in the world as well.

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I do think we need to invent something new and secular to say around sneezes. But only on the first sneeze.
And maybe we should start saying Merry Secular Christmas too!

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I recently had to have a new roof put on a rental house my husband and I own. When looking through the Yellow Pages for a roofing company, I noticed many of them had the Christian fish symbol in their ads. I crossed out all of those, and chose from the rest of the roofers!
Re: medical providers. A few years ago my hubby had to go for some tests at a cardiologist. The Doctor had Christian music playing in his office. It was very disturbing.
At another place for colonoscopies, there was a cross hanging over the door to go to the surgical suites. Both in the same city here.

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So, you're starting an Atheist Voters PAC right?

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We should all be able to support the Secular Coalition. Keeping religion out of government should be a universal non-believer's value.
We should be able to submit to someone else's authority to work towards these type of goals, even if we think we have better ideas or methods.

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Interesting. I just declined to renew my membership subscription to Free Inquiry.
All my money is going to FFRF, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and a newcomer: MRFF, Military Religious Freedom Foundation.
And I donate to Foundation Beyond Belief.

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I also would not vote for someone soley because he or she is an atheist.
I'm looking for pro-science and pro-separation of church and state.

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I would say, "Oh please don't bother......I'm an atheist."

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Atheists have the long history of persecution to unite around......