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Why are we giving aid to countries and people who hate us? Our good will is rarely returned.

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Agreed! I grew up listening to President Reagan and I admire and respect him still.

But I fear we have given in too many times and the government and its legions of bureaucrats have grown to large like an inoperable tumor.

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George Washington is right.

But what do we have right now? A two-party system. Essentially the same thing we've always had. So what has changed?

On one hand we have a political party that has, since at least the early 20th century, disregarded the foundational principles of the Constitution through malice to those principles each generation more ignorant and hostile than the one before.

On the other hand, we have a political party that is torn between those who will always seek to compromise with the other side for their on reasons (power, prestige, or what have you), those who give lip service to and those who genuinely wish to adhere to our founding principles.

I will continue to fight for these principles wherever and however I can.

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"Do as I say, not as I do". Or in other words, never!

Or when after the greedy bastard dies and the Government gets their share from the death tax.

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Yeah I'm not so sure a dead or disposed Qudaffy will be better off for Libyans or the rest of the world.

Has Iran improved without the Shah? Is the world better off with the Ayatollahs?

Are we better off with obama?

Do you need to answer that question?

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Pretty sure they're doing the job the dimocrats pay them to do.

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Whenever I hear al sharpton speak, or most liberals, this immediately comes to mind:

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Those dogs seemed to be the only ones that really liked MREs.

Well, atleast they didn't complain about them.

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It's not much different in Iraq. I can recall dogs following our patrols and growling at Iraqis that would come near. Other times in Afghanistan watching the dogs at night with night vision as they would guard us. They'd pop their heads up and I would be even more alert, my head on a swivel.

But doesn't this story really tell you something about the lack of humanity within the muslim and arab culture?

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Very true! But china needs us more than we need them.

It's the stabbing in the back by the dimocrats that worries and infuriates me!