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The most amazing thing about the Obama administration right now is that they have not mentioned a single reason why they should be re-elected in November. What would he actually DO in a second term? Spend more money? Obama just keeps talking about increasing investments (spending) and revenues (taxes). What that would do to actually grow the economy is anybody's guess. In fact, it would probably crush it. But you will not hear a single word about what he would actually do different than what he did in his first term, which was simply spend a lot of money. What would he do about entitlements? What would he do about our shrinking national defense? What would he do about our massive unemployment? What would he do about our ever expanding national debt and deficits? Obama never mentions any of this, only that we should vote for him just because he's not a Republican. Well, that's not even enough of a reason to elect him mayor of a small town, let alone president of the United States.

The simple fact of the matter is, he has no reason for his re-election campaign. Which is why he needs to get voted out of office in November.

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20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.

21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

These are probably the most dangerous and insidious ones. Once you have control of all of the media, you can convince people of just about anything. Just read George Orwell's "Animal Farm" to see how powerful propoganda can be. Unfortunately, we're getting to that point here in the United States. We only have a few conservative outlets left here in the United States and if they are ever shut down, probably because of the far left's "Fairness Doctrine," then democracy really is finished in this country.

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“President Obama is leading and implementing an international, complex and decisive policy, imposing economic and political sanctions against Iran. President Obama made it clear that the US will not permit Iran to become nuclear.”

And you believe him? Now THAT is sad.

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Well, if all the liberal Jews want to support and stand for Obama in November, they really get what they deserve. I have no idea why the Jewish vote is still voting Democratic, when the Democratic party left them years ago. The Democrats only use them as a cash cow around election time, then forget about them for the next four years. Much like the black vote.

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I wonder if Putin got suggestions on how to get "re-elected" from Obama, or is it the other way around? I also wonder how you say "ACORN" in Russian?

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Hey Truth, so you're trying to "move the civic effort forward" by insulting people. Just what I would expect from Daily Kos drips like you. Why don't you chew down hard on a blasting cap and see what happens.

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Hey 63, You must be one of the malignant tumors from the Daily Kos that didn't have anything better to do today. Well, eat dirt and die. Hmm, yes, Andrew would appreciate the clarity and brevity of that statement.

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I still don't hear anyone demanding that the Afghans who defaced the Korans in the first place, by writing messages in them, should not be punished as well. Why not? Under Sharia Law, which I'm sure these Afghans live under, if they knowingly defaced a Koran by writing in it, they probably would be executed. So why not hold them up to the same standards that our American troops are being held to in that barbaric country?

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"Greece is currently negotiating with private investors to convince them, before March 9, to “voluntarily” accept a 75% haircut on their investments by swapping their old Greek bonds for shiny new guaranteed bonds."

Why would anybody in their right minds do this? Not only would they lose 75% on their initial investment, but they would get bonds they couldn't cash in on for many years to come. Any financial "expert" who agreed to those terms should be fired. I still think it's only a matter of time before the Credit Default Swaps are forced to kick in, unless the European Central Bank simply makes good on all of the Greek debts. Fat chance of that happening.

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Now I know how Lee must have felt when he lost Stonewall Jackson. I am still shattered by this loss. Just terrible.