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Apparently two stiff cocks, or two wet vaginas within touchin' distance of each other. Or maybe fear of wanting to watch?

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Hating somebody who didn't do anything to harm you is seriously burdensome.

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Lynch- uppity, she was in a sorority! A black one!
Graham- uppity, he doesn't have to take this any more!! He is a senator!

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Callyson, I'm being paid to live in gay-munist San Francisco for a while, and it is awesome. It rained for a bit, but now it is temperate every damn day.
I'm from (the)O.C. , live in ATL and this is reminding me why fucking real estate in Georgia is so damn cheap - no damn ocean or skiing. I blame my parents for wussing out and leaving Anaheim in the 80's.
I fucking love my car, but I haven't driven in a month and don't regret leaving it in Hotlanta, MUNI passes and a very expensive ,convenient apartment rule! Now I just have to convince my fiancee to take the bar and move here.

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It's actually less complex than that. You should really watch a 'unauthorized copy' like I did. He likes protecting his brothers, the ones who aren't pussies, and also killing people. His wife is pretty whiny about the whole thing, his kids are cardboard cutouts and a plastic doll - figuratively and literally.
He gets sad after not getting enough psychologically out of killing savages and cries and comes home Then he fucks his wife, kind of with his kids in the next room. She is happy for the attention, because women are simple like that, then he walks out of the house and dies.

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It was actually post script. as in text after he walked out the door to go counsel the murderer. They skipped trying to deal with the ultimate end of the subject's life entirely.

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Well, shooting British and German tourists in the 90's didn't seem to work, so think outside the box, you know.

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Check 'caucasian' on your driver's license application, and claim to have a severe tan when doing your background check. That's what I did. Or gun show.

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Have more kids? The duggars almost have a full football team, offense and defense.

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That shit is a small-town high school's worth of crazy. If everybody just never left town and got all druggy, bitter and drunk for 15 years.