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last wednesday my daughter gave birth to a healthy baby boy of only 2.6 pounds. three months early and yet the hospital was able to deliver this miracle child to my daughter. how thank full to god i am for this miracle. and i am thankful to live in a country with the greatest health care system in the world. it may not be perfect but no others can compare. my son in law just sent us an email with a picture of our daughter holding her child for the first time today. in the picture my daughter was crying tears of joy, when my wife saw the photo, she also began to cry, as did i when i saw the joy in my wife's eyes.
listen up Washington, on the day my daughter gets to hold her child for the first time i hear that someone in this administration has the job of calculating the value of human life. how dare you put a price on this gift god has given us. who gives you that right. it's your arrogance that is making me angry. how dare you decide what a gift from god is worth.

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fellow 912er's, let me share this with you, my 36 year old daughter had cervical cancer as a young girl and was told her chance to have a child was low, later she developed crohn's disease and it required her to be on medication in which she was advised not to try to become pregnant. but it was my daughters dream for her and her husband to have a child together and she knew her time to do so was running out. after many tests and consultations she decided to go off her medication and get pregnant even though she would again suffer the discomfort of her disease. she quickly became pregnant, but sadly lost the child in just a few short months, determined, she tried again with success. on July 4th we were rerouted from going to a tea party to see our daughter, she said something seemed wrong and she needed to go to the hospital. we picked her up and took her to Winnie Palmer hospital were she was immediately treated. she had gone into premature (5 1/2 months) labor but the professionals there were able to stop the contractions and sent her home.

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woof woof. beware of this dog.
let me tell you how this watchdog is coming down with a bad case of distemper, you may have to put me down.
listen up Washington, no one is paying me to be angry with you, no one is coercing me to speak out against this radical transformation of our country. it is you, you keep poking me with a stick, forcing your self on me with your sick addiction for power. it is the action you are taking that is causing me to speak up and be heard.

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well hello fellow members of the middle class, welcome to the party. had enough hope and change yet. i hope if you voted for Obama you are changing your mind now. you know all that free stuff he promised you, guess what, it's not free. the only ones not paying for this are the ones sucking up all the benefits. although i know there are many in the communities who need assistance but this government entitlement mentality is completely out of control. this administration will only make the problem bigger. just know this, if you voted for Obama but not the change you are getting, feel free to join us. we will show you real hope and change.

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ok, lets think like community organizers, i think Glenn should appoint czars, we could have constitutional czars, one for each amendment. maybe we could have Judge Napalatano for freedom of speech and Ted Nugent for the right to bear arms. how about John Stossel for freedom of the press. well, you get the idea. if the community organizers known as the 912 project had a series of czars to work with, we could build a structure of separate organizations with a common goal to overload the progressive system and collapse it under its own weight.

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again i ask, where the hell is William Shatner. hasn't anyone in Washington ever heard of price linecom. hey, i hear Charley Wrangle has a sweet place to rent

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watch out, SARAHCUDA is on the loose, she isn't stepping down, she is stepping up to the plate and i see a home run on the horizon

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makes me wish i lived in Texas,

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hello America, hows all that hope and change workin for ya, had enough yet ?

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starting next year, students will be required to pass a new course on national policy before graduation, the proposed name for the program is "brown shirts 101"