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They love to mention how the Oscar voters are 94% white and mostly males, I'll bet if they dug a little deeper they'd also find that they are 90-something percent liberals, if not 100%, which is why movies that bash America, the military, morality or Christianity get nominated and win all the time.

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"Chavez suggested last month that the spate of cancer among leftist leaders could be a US plot."

I wish he were right about that then maybe we wouldn't have to wait until Jan 2013 to get rid of Obama.

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Not only do charter schools need to keep the unions out they also have to be careful in their hiring practices. Weeding out anyone who votes demo-rat or answers any specially crafted pre-employment questions that indicate any predisposition to a leftist viewpoint should not be hired. Charter schools need not only find dedicated professionals who have the children's best interest at heart they have to make sure what they are learning in the classroom is not the same leftist propaganda they are learning in public schools and by keeping leftist teachers out you can have all that. If you keep leftist from infiltrating your faculty you will get better teachers, administrators and better results with the kids not to mention pro-American and productive young citizens.

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What a tool.

Tools = Useful
This guy is a USEFUL idiot for the left therefore he is a tool for the left.

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Emanuel should have borrowed Obama's soap box for a moment so he didn't have to stand on his tippy toes to hug Obama.

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Man I can't believe that the five people who showed up for this socialist rally were able to make such a big mess all by themselves.

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Maybe it should be called the "Redistribution Act" or the "Fleecing of America Act". The poor, who the left always claim they stand for, whine and cry when Republicans suggest tax cuts to stimulate growth, but since the poor pay little to nothing in Federal taxes they get their panties in a bunch at the thought that the other 60% of the population who do pay taxes should see their taxes cut. Last I checked poor people do not create jobs, but rich people, especially those who receive tax cuts, do. But hey, instead let's all be poor so we can be "equally" miserable.

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Any time this Tub of Lard says something that actually makes sense you have to wonder what his angle is. I'm glad he's taking this stance just in time to save me from.....oh that's right, he didn't save me from anything, he and his fellow Marxist were responsible for making and pushing the "Community Reinvestment Act" that was designed to give home loans to poor people and minorities who were not qualified for those loans so they could be temporary homeowners until they predictably defaulted. I'm glad I could forfeit all of my homes equity and my financial future so these deadbeats could get homes they couldn't afford and so the Socialist Party could get votes. Go back home and play "Frank in the chocolate factory" with your boyfriend Barney, you are a disgrace to the human race!

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I saw this on O'Reilly last night and found it hilarious that Dodge stuck it to PETA. Dodge should have told PETA that they tried to shoot a second commercial where the monkey was given more respect, but because they had a monkey BBQ after the first shoot they had to go with the invisible monkey for the second shoot instead.

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Cool idea, if I were going would do that, but since I won't be there I'll just give you a courtesy bump.