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I am always amazed that politicians after being elected to office think that they are experts in military, economic, social, and international subjects. Their experience in those areas consists of what? Being elected.... How droll...

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Simple process involved here... Raise taxes through cap and con scheme to drive the cost of all energy producers through the roof. This is passed on to the consumer. Raising the cost of coal, diesel, and other common forms of energy production makes wind, solar, and bio (read that as "people") energy production more competitive. Raise the taxes and charges high enough and the "alternative" forms seem like a bargain. This is all a scheme to create a market for WBS energy (Wildly Bull Sh** energy) where none exists because it is cost prohibitive. The wacko lefties (Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Franks, et al) have heavily invested themselves in the WBS energy feild and this is the plan to make good on their investment. Next thing you know they will tax us for our nether region gas emissions... it is Methane after all.

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Did you read that animal testing labs are going to replace their rats with the Rathke brothers?... Apparently there are some things a rat simply will not do...

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America: The new Chrysler/Fiat automobile is here. Its called the Cryalot. Now enviro-friendly and fuel efficient. The body is made completely of recycled swine urine and feces. The engine is built to run on your own methane gas and a convenient collection tube is built into the seat and your bank account. The odometer regularly reports your mileage to the EPA for billing and any unnecessary idling automatically shuts it down for extended periods until its CO2 footprint decreases to tolerable levels. The computer control is made by Microsoft and reboots every few miles to reinstall and add updates. The tires are made from recycled diapers and egg cartons. The seats are built completely from grass clippings and cat hair. There is no A/C and the windows are made of glued together broken glass from previous accidents. The radio only picks up Air America and is operated by the insertion of your credit card. (only $4,99 per minute). you can fit a full dozen of these cars in your standard sized garage. List price is said to be $59,000.00 US With taxes of $63,000.00 US. License fees of $43,000.00 US per year. Cost per mile to operate are an amazingly low $25.99 per mile. Coming soon to any landfill in the US.

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Short answer.... NO!

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If anyone has an opinion other than their limited view the hatemongers come out in force to belittle and to marginalize. Expressing your own opinion is simply not acceptable and will get you hated.

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Ya know... I don't engage in a battle of wits with some people because I don't attack the unarmed...

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I spent that hour on much more constructive pastimes.... breaking fluorescent light bulbs, turning on all my lights, leaving the fridge door open, turning the A/C down really low, burning coal in my BBQ grill, and snuffing the life out of any small creature that dared to approach me... oh yeah, and running around waving my little teabag!!!

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Thank God I did not make that

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Wasn't Spector a Democrat before he changed to Republican? He did that change because his chances to get re-elected as a Dem were slim... Now he is at it again. Way to go Spector... look out for #1 and the public be damned...