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Well she really is leaving according to her later tweets :(

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Having been here since fall 2011 and reading your stuff, glad to have you back sir!

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I wasn't talking about profit. I was more talking about how 88% of the amount they got for the whole thing was from pony stuff which is impressive considering they thought what they bought was a loss.

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Wow, 88% (875 pony stuff/995=945 profit plus amount spent for locker) of the value was from pony stuff. Pretty impressive...

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I've never had the need to save stuff unless it's something I would enjoy again in the future. In that case I would go to those other sites you mentioned. Otherwise, it's not my concern if they want to put drm on it especially since Netflix is a streaming site.

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Not sure why anyone hasn't said anything but I think #39 is a tad bit saucy to really be shown here. Good drawing but doesn't exactly fit here.

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So, no AJ, flutter, or rarity ones...

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Yeah I can't tell my parents. Only my brother knows about it and I know he teases me in a good way which is alright with me.

The only reason I don't tell my parents is mostly because of my mom. For some reason, if she's mad at me or annoyed by anything in life, she'll use w.e I was doing as an excuse to yell at me (e.g. you didn't do this, STOP WASTING TIME WITH _____) and she's more or less annoyed about everything.

I love my parents but dear God, so hard to deal with my parents sometimes.

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Hasbro: We mean December 31, 2015 BWHAHAHAHA!

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Even though it has low ratings, did no one notice that everything had low ratings? Must have been an off weekend.