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>dubstep in the show


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"Full 37 second clip" ?

What's "full" about it?

Other than that..."Staff of Sameness" ? Really? Apparently it's incredibly difficult to think of a creative name for a macguffin.

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>taking shipping this seriously

all of the shiggy diggies

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And I'm counting more than just official ones.

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What is this, the 8th or 9th documentary about the fandom, so far?

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"see background characters brought to the forefront for the first time"

All aboard the fanservice train.

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The only things that bug me about "post-Faust" FIM are Screechie Pie and the overabundance of fanservice. Pinkie needs to stop being a screeching joke machine and return to being the silly, lovable loon she was in S1/most of S2. And yes, acknowledge the fandom. We get it. You don't have to remind us every single episode by putting popular BG ponies everywhere and making blatant fandom references. I watch the show to see what creative things Hasbro/DHX have wrought, not to see fandom jokes rehashed in unsubtle ways and see Derpy every other scene.

Outside of that, S4 was just as good as S1/S2, imo.

I think that many of us look back fondly on S1 because it was the first season, with nothing else to compare it to at the time. We had no expectations, rather, we were expecting it to be a "crappy girls show", and it turned out to be great. Now however, that sheen of "girls show that doesn't suck!" has really worn off, so peoples' expectations tend to be higher.

But really, as some in the video said, "Faust" or "Post-faust", neither is really objectively better than the other. S1/S2 were heavier on slice-of-life, while S3/S4 are heavier on adventure and fantasy. S1/S2 had kinda slower, calmer stories, S3/S4 had really actiony and dramatic stories. Neither is "better" than the other, per se.