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Interesting conversation. Thanks John for sharing it. I think that learning from successful school is very important, but if one wishes to improve an entire national education system, there are two related issues:

1. How far to go with uniformity versus headmaster autonomy.

2. How much it will cost to bring all schools to the level of the best, in terms of those resources that we feel should be uniform across the board.

Any discussion about that?

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Well, the Government said that prorogation had nothing to do with Brexit, it was about the Queen's Speech. Now they say it makes getting a deal more difficult. Oh dear.

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"(...) our sham democracy just gives cover to rule at one remove by the multinational crony capitalists." regrettably true. Paul Johnson said, in one of his books on the history of the UK, that when power gets too close to the people, the "establishment" (not sure he used that word, but anyway) performs a vanishing trick and the power moves away again. When the franchise was extended, power moved to professional civil servants; when government started to have more control on civil service, power moved to the City and to multinationals. Probably that's true of other countries too; it certainly was true in Italy.

I will vote again, partly out of habit, partly because I don't like to leave others to take my decisions for me; it happens anyway, but I will feel a bit better after voting. I haven't the faintest idea of how I will vote in a GE; in a referendum, I will vote Leave this time. certainly, my contempt for politicians as a group has only increased, especially for pro-remain politicians who have messed things up beyond belief.

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I am still betting that a dip of the pound to 0.80 euros is likely... it will be interesting to see who will benefit from that. Not me, I am no gambler, but the temptation is strong.

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Very interesting, and encouraging. Well done Michaela! Two comments

1. "...pupils are grouped according to their abilities and learning needs. Unlike almost all other schools that do this, however, the same attention to detail is paid to the teaching of lower-attaining pupils as to top sets. The one valid objection to ability grouping, that lower sets do not get their share of the best teaching, does not apply..." This, to me, is key. It doesn't normally happen - and that's a problem with teaching in many other educational systems too, not just in the UK.

2. The emphasis on arithmetic and algebra is extremely important. In the Faculty of Engineering at UCL, students who failed in Maths exams and more generally in engineering exams did so primarily because of lack of fluency in algebra, rather than because of problems with the A-level material. The emphasis placed on A-levels in admissions obscures the real problem, which is in the Maths *before* A-levels.

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I think the same. Well said.

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Cummings is said to be fascinated by game theory. Like Varoufakis. Nuff said.

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Well said.

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Interesting article. Looking at the situation as an uncommitted voter, I am pleased that on Brexit the stance of the Conservatives is clear(er). That, however, will not determine where my vote goes. I voted Remain in 2016, but now I hope that the UK leaves the EU on October 31, with no deal or with May's deal (I don't really care).

I will look at all parties' proposed policies and alliances. Things to look for, practical measures to increase productivity, deal with some environmental issues, deal with housing, and rebalance the economy somewhat away from financial services and from the South East.

Alliances - I am uneasy about the Brexit Party. Their commitment to Brexit is not a problem with me; what I don't like is the propensity of some of their politicians, including Farage, to rub shoulders with people like Bannon and some of the more unsavoury parties in continental Europe, like AfD and our lovely Lega in Italy. Corbyn, of course, rubs shoulders with some unpleasant characters too, but those are uninfluential and far away (Venezuela, or the Middle East), not influential and in Europe.

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Yes. We seem to agree - and the opportunity has to be there, for it to be rejected freely.