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I see...the best reply you can give to the above is "the last 8 years"? So your saying it's A-ok with you that they passed that massive, useless stimulus and never read it? Or is this going to be the point where you pull the old "Obama inherited this mess" card?

No...Obama did not inherit anything. Correct me if I am wrong my liberal friend...but was or was not your beloved Obama a part of the very congress that was passing all the spending and policy bills you like to blame on Bush all the time? He was a senator at that time. Give me examples of how then SENATOR Obama stood up against the spending going on over the last 8 years.

Show me where in the Constitution of this country it gives the federal government the right to take over private business of any kind.

Explain to me your own words, assuming you have any of your own.... how you justify Obama , Pelosi and the rest of them when they go out of their way to insult this nation and her people at every turn.

Explain to me why it is that because a previous president didn't secure the borders it makes it alright for the current president to continue the policy? Explain to me why our taxes should continue to go to people that broke the law by coming here in the first place. Explain to me why I owe these illegal aliens anything at all.

And do feel free to tell me exactly what it is that you do believe in. What do you stand for exactly? Anything or is the best you can do to spout useless, worn out word speak? I hate to engage you in a battle of wits as your obviously unarmed ..but have at it. Dazzle me with your brilliant facts.

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Looks like the administration tipped its hand too soon. Refusal to allow banks to pay back the bailout money and now talking about changing their stock from preferred to common, firing GM's CEO and giving them a list of what GM better do or else......

If I was them I'd be working my butt off to figure out how to pay back what they already borrowed before the administration finds a way to keep them under the government's thumb like they're doing to the banking industry now.

If we've learned nothing else about our government, it's that it never willingly relinquishes power of any kind. Why else would they refuse to allow the banks to repay the TARP? That's like your mortgage company saying "No, Mr. Bill, you cannot pay off your house today. We don't care that you have the money to do it...we want to maintain a controlling state in your house. Not only that, we want to be able to tell you have to run it simply because we lent you money."

I wish Chrysler luck but I have a feeling they won't be getting out of their "deal with the devil" quite so easily as they might hope.

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These so called scientists are a joke. Fat people cause global warming? Give me a break. I'd like to say it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard but I've heard so much ridiculous tripe out of Washington and the scientific community over the last few months alone that it would be difficult to say which idea or statement rates the honor of "Absolutely Most Unintelligent Statement Made in 2009".

What ever happened to the REAL scientists? Where are you guys???? These lunatics spouting whatever insane ideas pop into their heads over organic lattes and calling it science should be called to the mat by the legitimate scientific scholars.

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And that 1 all important job will be counting salt water marsh mice....

....Bachelor's degree, 5 yrs prior experience in mouse watching, ability to stand for 12 hours a day in knee deep water and lift up to 50lbs, clean driving record, bilingual required.....starting pay....$8.50/hr....APPLY TODAY!! if interested please email Nancy@ I sound bitter???

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It's amazing to me that these people still have absolutely no clue about why we're angry. They so desperately want to believe this is some evil republican plot lol. They simply cannot except that it is the AMERICAN PEOPLE who have finally gotten angry enough to stand up and say enough is enough and it terrifies them. They have no idea how to deal with it as it has never happened in their life times.

Who in their right(or left for that matter) minds wouldn't be angry over a almost $800 billion stimulus bill that not one single member of congress read and yet they passed? You call that representation??

Who wouldn't be angry that our government has now spent us into a debt we will never see paid in our lifetimes and neither will our children or their children?

Who wouldn't be angry when illegal aliens rights and opinions matter more to our elected officials than the opinions of the very people who put them in office to begin with?

Who wouldn't be angry when the federal government oversteps it's authority given to it by our Constitution at every turn and all but dares us to say anything about it to them?

Who wouldn't be angry when our own President, the supposed representative to the world of all we hold dear, spends all his time telling the world how terrible we are? If your so ashamed of the United States why did you want to be it's leader?

Who wouldn't be angry at a government that can't even manage to secure it's own borders if for no other reason than the safety of the citizens? Never mind the amount of wasted money supporting the illegal aliens and the number of jobs they hold that millions of jobless Americans would love to have right now ......

And they can't understand why we are angry??? It's okay for Americans to protest I suppose so long as it's something that doesn't really matter like whether we should eat animals or whether cow farts deplete the ozone but God forbid we actually start pointing out what is really wrong in Washington.....then we become fanatics, extremists, domestic terrorists. How dare we air their dirty laundry in the bright light of day? Why the nerve of us??

We have every reason in the world to be angry. We have every RIGHT to speak our minds. In fact, it is our DUTY as Americans to stand up and defend our beliefs.

" Our lives begin to end on the day we become silent about the things that matter." - Martin Luther King Jr.

"Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in. " - President Andrew Jackson

"Let us be sure that those who come after will say of us in our time, that in our time we did everything that could be done. We finished the race; we kept them free; we kept the faith." - President Ronald Reagan

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We had a guy come by our house the other day saying he was with the census and had to "mark" the location of front door. My boy friend told him to beat it and the guy got all huffy and told us they'd just send someone else.

Question: Why do they need to gps my front door? Anyone know?

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" Shall NOT be infringed..."

To me that means it isn't open to debate, discussion, change, means the American People shall ALWAYS and FOREVER hold the right to bear arms. No where in the 2nd amendment does it give a time frame or any options whatsoever for the government to take that right away. It doesn't say anything about having to have a permit, having to take classes, it says we have the right to bear arms. Period.

The idea that by making guns illegal will lower the crime rate is insane. If a person wants to rob, rape, or kill someone they will do it with or without a gun. If gun bans are so effective then explain to me why crime is lower in places where gun ownership is high as compared to cities where they banned them.

Criminals don't care one whit about permits, gun safety classes or gun control. In fact, if I was a criminal I'd be happy as a clam to see them ban firearms. Would make my life of crime so much easier and probably far more lucrative since now I'd know the odds of you defending yourself are practically nil.

What I find interesting is the massive spike recently in gun purchases. It's almost impossible to find ammo right now. THAT I suspect is more the reason the government wants to push this gun control issue. The government is worried. Gee...I wonder why......

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Correct me if I am wrong...but isn't one of the reasons we've avoided nuclear war like the plague because it would put a ton of crap into the atmosphere that would reduce the sun's rays effectively causing a nuclear winter? For some strange reason I was under the impression that this would be a very bad thing.

It's bad enough the government spends its time these days looking for new and improved ways to screw us over.........please leave planetary maintenance to the one that created it in the first place. Somehow I truly doubt He needs the federal governments help on this.

Perhaps the answer to the co2 problem ( if there even is one) is right under their noses.
from Wikipedia: Trees
" Trees also play an important role in producing oxygen and reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, as well as moderating ground temperatures." Holy Smokes! I solved global warming in one sentence...where's my grant? /sarcasm

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Is it just me or is anyone else about sick and tired of our elected and appointed officials putting down the very country and people they serve??

Our own president calls us arrogant in front of foreign dignitaries. Our Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, attends a rally with illegal aliens and tells them how patriotic they are and how terrible we are. Attorney General Holder calls us a nation of cowards. I could go on and on.

How DARE you! YOU work for US you arrogant self absorbed boobs! If you truly have such a low opinion of our nation, our people, our way of life, our history and our laws then you have NO business holding any office of power in this great nation. AND let me add you are free to leave it if you think you can find one more to your liking somewhere else.

YOU do not speak for me. I, myself, do not apologize to other nations because my nation has chosen not to go the way of the world and has followed her own path. I will not apologize to people who break the law and enter my country illegally. You want to live here, then do it the way thousands of others do it every year....through the front door. I will not apologize for slavery. My ancestors never owned slaves but they sure as hell fought and died to free them. They are buried in Fredericksburg and Andersonville.

I am an American. And proud to claim her as my Country. I don't apologize for it either no matter how politically correct it is or isn't.

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This whole "getting rid of all the nukes" ploy is nothing more than another example of saying what you think your audience at the time wants to hear. It's an unattainable pipe dream and Obama knows it.

Even IF the nations with nuclear capability got all chummy and agreed, even if ( in some candy coated alternative universe) they all actually DID get rid of long would it last? The knowledge on how to build them will always exist.

To say "we will get rid of all the nukes" is as foolish as announcing we will now go back to fighting with clubs and tossing rocks when we go to war. Before you know it, one side or the other gets tired of getting the smack down and will build a better "mousetrap" and the cycle simply begins once more.

We cannot go back to the days before the atomic bomb was invented. We cannot unlearn how to build them. The threat of nuclear war is a terrible and terrifying fact of life. All we can do is leave them just as they a deterrent, as a final defense if all else fails. Obama knows this, he cannot be that naive.

But if he truly intends to disarm, God help us all.