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Please check out our site at We are forming a new party and going to do something about the Lesser of 2 evils choices we always are given. Term limits and Honest canidates that follow the rules of the constitution. We are always looking for good honest people please come and find your state and sign up to be a leader not a follower. thank you.

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Lets see if I got this right....We give them money to keep them from going under to keep the economy from tanking. Using the "Too big to fail" routeen. They fail anyway then say they are going to close plants, dealers and anything else they can. Oh and I almost forgot Move a lot of jobs to Mexico!

I have to hand it to you Mr. President that was one hell of a plan did you think that all up by yourself or did the Speaker of no lie...I mean the House help you. Can you tell us You remember us THE PEOPLE YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO WORK FOR, how this helps the AMERICAN economy? I see how it helps Mexico and How you really put me off ever buying a Chrysler product.

If GM does the same Than I will only buy a Ford. How much did you sucker the American's for again?

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Run out of gas.....have you seen the price of gas? as per normal summer is coming and the oil companies are making they're billions on the backs of Americans that can't afford it in this economy. When the credit crunch and the next wave of small business and those that are layed off file for bankruptsy hit by the end of summer.

We have not even come close to bottom yet. What we went through at the end of 08 we just the first wave. Gm filing soon Chrysler just did lot more jobs gone. You can"t have a recovery when there are no Jobs. So is the government will give everyone a job? Then how do they pay them 90% taxes? Come on all you leftests that thought this was your shot. Well guess what you are going to be "LEFT" behind because by the end of this year the money will run out to take care of you anymore.

I hope more states do like Colorado and not send anymore money to the Federal Government. Then repeal the 16th and starve them out!

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The Jokes are on us America! If we let this continue. I cannot believe for a minute that people are not getting out of these chatrooms and demanding something be done to stop the bleeding of this country dry. On every front we are either losing jobs, money, health or homes.
This is a national emergency and we are going to have a party for the lying press that keeps him in power? How about printing all the truth and all the news out there. How much money or power did he promise you to treat him like he can do no wrong when even his own party had to rebuke him over his tax bill. But did you hear it on most of the stations? NO.
All you people need to start going to any of the sites that are trying to do something or get ready to sell you children and grandchildren in to bondage.

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Now this is something that really confuses me! If you love this country and think of it before you do any other in all matters big or small. This current adminastration thinks your a terrorist, trying to cover something up or just an uneducated person.
I could take being dislike by other countries because of jealousy or outright hatred for what we did to them. But for my own government to dislike me for thinking, What about us first, is completely stupid to me. So I guess I was stupid for defending my country and fellow Americans for 27 years. Because my {not} government is running around saying we were wrong and what I did was wrong.
I wonder how long it will be before I am sent away for trial in some other country for what I did in defence of my country?

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Paskistan once we chase them out of there it will be Somalia. Then some other poor country till they have achived what they really want....To bankrupt our country like we did the former USSR.

I also agree with the WW2 doctrine. Have an adjective, go after it in force, destory the enemy no matter where you find him {be it church, mosque, house or home.} give the power to the people of the country, Leave. Make sure the country is cut off so no one get in or out so you get them all. Above all else Cut off they're money supply. That means Saudi Arabia also make sure who's side they are on.

Other Countries may Boo Hoo Hoo it in front of others but in the back rooms they will be thanking us.

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One problem with human shields.....they really don't stop bullets or shrapnal. Ok all you war protesters how come your not crawling up President Obama's butt? Or now that the Democrat's are in total power they don't need you anymore.
Like Miss Shehan why are you not protesting President Obama's house like you did President Bush's. Just like everyone else the left is being LEFT BEHIND. Wonder if anyone on the far left has enough sense to realize they were used, abused and turn into refuse.

There is a way out a 3rd party forming from the ashes the news says the teapartiers are. Like the Phoenix rising from those ashes.......... We will rise again!

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Well most of you that voted for change and definitly did not want what you are getting. Their is a way to make amends though. Go to this web site and join us in taking our country back!
We could use all the good honest hardworking people we can get. Thank you!

We are going to give them more than they can handle. It is time for the Government to be AFRAID of it's people again!

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I knew the truth would come to light on this. Speaker you can only fool the fools you work with in your party and the fools in the press that think you walk on water.

But when you Speaker Polosi go after our military and the agencies that put they're lives on the line for this country. Well as any military 1year rookie will tell you EVERYTHING is signed for and marked in triplicate. So you showed up signed in watched and signed off. Than think 8 years later no one would know? BUSTED!

People are calling for you to resign sorry not me. You should as it says on the paper you signed "Willful perjury can and will result in Fines and Jail time for and not limited to Treason. If I had anything to say about it you should be brought up on charges. But I digress I missed the clause in the Constitution that say YOU are exempt from all prosecution. Speaker do you actually believe you did nothing wrong?

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Was this woman not photoed giving speeches to large groups of the KKK? and to do abortion on 9 month old fetuses? Am I missing something here or does this President have a real knack for picking the absolute worse people for positions. Liers, theives, and the completely unqualifiied sounds more like 3 of the 4 horeman of the apocalypse than cabinet members!