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To be fair, we have to give a true accounting of her national following. Change that to her many "tens of viewers..."

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The Japanese should send a destroyer to defend their whaling fleet, and to sink these Enviro-Nazis' ships when they attack. Self righteous, arrogant lefty scumbags... too bad a few of them didn't drown!

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God bless Rush... he changed America for the better. If he needs a heart transplant, they may have trouble finding one big enough to replace his!

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lorenzolarue... why don't we tax the crap out of Koolaid, and you can die of thirst! Furthermore, when did Haliburton ever try to steal elections, and corrupt the electorial process in America? Maybe the viruis is starting to get to your brain, there lorenzolarue!

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"Demand for nuclear power stations has been growing around the world. A total of 151 were under construction or slated for construction in 27 countries as of the end of 2008, it said."

But none in America, thanks to "meltdown"scare movies from Hollywood, and the sensational reporting of Three Mile Island by what we laughingly call journalists!

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1984herewego, with that posting handle, how can you doubt this official messenger from The Ministry of Truth? 2 + 2 = 5 now, get with it. History must be re-written to the standards of the newly decreed TRVTH!

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I will be handing out Nobel Peace Prizes with the candy this Halloween. Don't worry, there's one for all you kids!

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In a few years, The Ministry Of Truth will have us all convinced The Messiah™ won it, in part, for his successful mission to Copenhagen to bring the Olympics to Rio!

Silly me, all the while, I figured Rush Limbaugh was a sure thing.

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I think the extinction of the dream of The Enlightenment" will be just as complete here in America, but will come by a different demographic. It will not be Muslims with their Sharia law, but the influx of the same Mexican, Central American, South American Indian populations who are flooding our borders even now. They are ungovernable in the context of an Enlightenment model of human society in the age of high technology. Their median IQs are in the mid to low 80's, and they will bring with them the kind of political volatility and instability we have seen for centuries in their home countries. Miami is already a third world city, New York will be too. The rest of the country will fall into civil war, but who knows where that will end. Can you imagine our nuclear arsenal in the hands of the likes of Hugo Chavez?

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The earthquake was the result of 8 years of failed Republican policies... It's Bush's Tsunami!