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They must have consulted with Oliver Stone to put Nobama in proper context with other revolutionary leaders for this project.

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Happy Birthday! Big Hollywood and now Big Government are addicting. In a good way. A very good way.

Thank you, Andrew.

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I used to think I was making posts here during some of my sleep walking episodes. Now I know it's someone else using my name! As long as it isn't a liberal I guess it's okay.

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My New Year's resolution was to purchase Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. I've ordered the book and HOPE I can read my way through it without getting physically ill so I can intelligently CHANGE the way I oppose the libtards I come in contact with. You must know your enemy. He's going to be here another three years. {sigh}

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Just one more instance of tacky taste and one more not so subtle hit against conservatism and religion from this administration and the whack jobs they surround themselves with.

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Finding being POTUS is harder than being a milksop community organizer, huh?

What makes it even harder is the fact you have so many American citizens who know what's going on (unlike the clueless masses that voted for you) fighting you every inch of the way because we don't want communism being crammed down our throats! And this is just the beginning... wait til your Democrap minions find themselves out of a job starting in just a few short months.

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And it wasn't enjoyable.

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Apparently the Messiah is complaining he's "tired". Waa, waa, waa. That's what you libs (and the rest of you traitors who voted for him) get for sending a community organizer comrade to do a real American man's job.

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I know that some Washington politicians must read this site. Here is my message to you: GET RID OF THIS INCOMPETENT WINDBAG NAPOLITANO NOW!!!!!!!!!!! She's going to get us all killed!

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This country is going through some serious stuff , most recently a terrorist trying to blow up another plane, and this clueless laggard goes on an imprudent vacation taking despicable advantage of the percs of the office provided by the citizens of this country, many of whom are out of a job. He looks like he has not a care in the world.