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This woman is a partisan!
Nobody is against women. Isn't Governor Palin a woman? So there!
The controversy about Contraceptives is a distraction aimed at two targets:
a) Obama abused power imposing his morals on the Catholic Church. He got caught. He needs to create a diversion.
b) Obama can’t run on his failed record. The longest unemployment since the Great Depression. He f’d it up and he knows it. Hence the need for distraction.

One thing for sure: women in America will no longer support a Man who approves and promotes infanticide.


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OUR FOREIGN POLICY is one that can be summarized as ‘APOLOGETIC’ (not just ‘leading from behind’, but ‘dropping our National pants’ to any freaking enemy of the US that wishes to F-us). We are a joke in all the free world, a disappointment of epic proportions. All Obama has done is to distance us from our true Allies.

Oh yes, and the Seals took out Bin Laden (BTW, they wouldn’t have been able to kill the assassin if we had followed Obama’s policies).

We can do better. It is not a matter of party, its is a matter on National survival and of our families hurting under Obama.

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Santorum is right.
We in Ohio welcome him and anyone who wishes to take our Country in a better direction. We can't afford more of this President.

THE COUNTRY IS IN EXTREMELY BAD SHAPE. Obama’s policies have failed, they have made it worse (not because he is black, but because his ideas of Big Government in control are stale copies of European experiments gone bad).

Some want to see glimpses of economic recovery. If these exist they are certainly happening DESPITE Obama’s policies. At best they are a tribute to the indomitable American Citizen.

With the trillion dollars Obama has wasted in implementing his Statist agenda we ought to have less than 3% unemployment.

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Rush was insensitive ...but he was 100% correct in substance.

More importantly, the Contraceptive Mandate WAS NOTand IS NOT about contraceptives, it is about OBAMA'S ABUSE OF POWER, It is a threat to us the Middle Class.


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So that you all know, WE decent Americans of Latin ancestry DO NOT agree with this dereliction of duty of part of the Government: “undocumented” my culito! They are called ILLEGALS, big exclamation point and LATION PUNTO!

Obama and his ‘gente’ think and want to welcome us Latinos to the Democrat Plantation.

Al senor de piel morena y a sus amigos, we say : Gracias, Senor Obama…pero No GRACIAS!

Nosotros no nos vendemos! We do not sell ourselves for welfare and freebos!

Ademas, Quien quiere estar como los afro-americanons? Controlados!
Besides, who wants to end up like the African Americans? under CONTROL!

En Mejico ya hubieran deportado a esta gente.
In Mexico they would have deported these illegals.

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The whole enchilada is not about contraceptives

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Racista es tu Madre, Cabron!
Yo soy un Latino con cojones y cerebro. Yo no le beso el culo a nadie, menos a los comunistas que se han cojido el poder en nuestro Pais.
Si no entended sto, entonces callate, Hijo de ramera!

So...I can go on, drilling you a 'new one' in my native language...you have no idea who you are accusing of racism...Do you?

Maher is a piece of canine excrement and he is not even funny. He is an effeminate coward.

Rush is a Patriot, who this time -in my personal opinion- was unlucky with taste, but he was 100% correct in substance.

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He is not GONE.
He lives in US.

The best tribute is that of from A GRATEFUL NATION...from those like us, who Love America.

His reward?

The warm and full embrace of God, who said "Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill."

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Rush was insensitive BUT CORRECT (the woman was asking us the -Tax Payers- to pay for her promiscuity)

Maher is hateful and INCORRECT (Palin is not a loose woman).

Maher and the Media hate Governor Plain because Governor Sarah Palin has more grace, more love of God and Country, more balls, and more respect for us and the US Constitution in one of her gorgeous eyelashes that the Affirmative Action President has in his entire ‘messianic’ body…including the teleprompter.

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It was and is an ABUSE OF POWER, typical of the fascist mode with which the Democrats of today want to run our Country.
The ploy has the same markings that were used in the passing of ObamaCare.

Neither Obama -not the Democrats or the Government- have the right to IMPOSE and DICTATE how we run our lives. Obama does not have the right to order Religious institution to violate their conscience, neither has he the right to order free American industries to sell or give away contraceptives or whatever.

Obama and the Democrats want a BIG GOVERNMENT in control of our private lives (that is the common denominator in ObamaCare and this recent Abuse of Power).