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Leftists are complete hypocrites and asses. They are also pompous and abusive when they gain political power. The same moral blind spots that dehumanize babies in their support of abortion seems to affect other civil liberties. Charge the hell out of Tea Party people, even inventing fees and charges but give the occupiers a free ride and actually pamper them with taxpayer-paid services. The disparate treatment may reflect a liberal mayor's personal preference and bias. But the money and the duties are official, not his personal choice.

This is why I advocate the complete purging of leftists from our government. They are like adolescents mentally. Vote them out and maybe someday push them out. When they ignore the law, they are no longer legitimate.

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Wow! You mean saying something like Muhammad was a cross-dressing, pork chop-eating, dog-sodomizing homosexual would get me put in jail in Egypt? I always heard truth was an absolute defense.

Islam-Pisslam; it's not a religion but a cult of camel-humpers who choose to hate normality. Islam is of the devil, pure evil and a fake! I hope Mecca is nuked.

Have a nice day.

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Romney admitted illegals were working on his property. Perry was correct. Perry's situation as a border governor is much more complex than Romney is simplifying it to be. Romney is a liberal hypocrite who, like Obama, would say anything to be elected. I would urge anyone to watch his debates with Ted Kennedy when Romney lost the Senate race. Romney tried to out-liberal Kennedy. ROMNEY-CARE and his own continued defense of it disqualifies Romney from being our candidate.

There are clearly holes in Perry's record. But comparing Romney with Perry, Perry is the conservative and Romney is completely a hole!

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Of course with the distractions in the Middle East, if more military actions break out between the United States and any other country, Korea will erupt, as it has been poised to do since Obama came into office. Within 72 hours of the U.S. and Iran swapping shots, North Korea WILL be in South Korea. It will be Blitzkrieg, done under the umbrella/aegis of China's implicit go ahead - a kind of Chinese "Monroe (Mao) Doctrine" of asserting regional supremacy but pretending to play honest broker, seizing on several factors: Pressing needs to feed its starving population, revanche goals for unification of the peninsula, the world financial crises, an over-stretched U.S. military with a general shortage of manpower, the weakest-most vacillating president in U.S. history, and the fact that North Korea could actually succeed once it gets across the 38th Parallel. North Korea is an Orwellian militarist state. I would bet on them attacking while Obama is in office -- it is their best chance.

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Yes, I am convinced that many of those 30-40 million people would vote for a pile of dung as long as the word "Democrat" was after the name. Come to think of it, that's what they voted for and elected on 2008.

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The West looks impotent and foolish. And "what doesn't kill Kadhafi makes him stronger." Attacking him after we gained ground neutralizing or at least mitigating his threat was completely stupid. We turned our back on Mubarak, our ally, and actually encouraged his overthrow. Obama foreign policy is naivety, incompetence and treachery.

Obama has done for the world what he has done for our economy and health care, screwed it all up. You could pick a random name out of a hat and find someone to do a better job than this pampered, unqualified, teleprompting, Affirmative-Action loser.