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Let’s see. I am a disabled veteran that is too sick to work. So I get my military pension, VA payments (which were taken out of my pension), and Tricare medical. I guess I should expect that visit from the government to tell me thanks for my service but now it is my patriotic duty to die. I should be thankful there is still space for me in a national cemetery but I could save on some of that space if I was just cremated. And could I not request the military honors as that costs money too. I envy my brothers and sisters who have died in combat as they did not see what became of the country they loved so much.

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I served under General Powell. I once thought him as an honorable man. Now I know him as a man that could care less about the destruction of the United States so long as it was a black man doing it. I was mistaken when I once thought him an honorable man. It turns out it was always about Colon Powell and his race and not his country. He is a racist.

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Will not be the same. We have guns and the Iranians don't. (OK, I know, "This is my weapon, this is my gun, this is for shooting, this is for fun.") Oh yea, forgot. They will take our guns away right after they get conservative talk radio off the air.

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Watched the film of a girl named Neda who was shot in the chest and died in her fathers arms. Blood erupting from her mouth as you could see the life leave her eyes. The picture of her bloody face now a rallying cry. All this for just a little freedom. Freedom that large numbers of Americans are giving both theirs and ours away so they can have more handouts from the government. All this because a few old men in beards want to stay in power and force their 7th century ways on their people. This is just the beginning of the violence in the Middle East. It is why we put a democracy smack dab in the middle of the dictatorships. The knowledge that with a taste of freedom or seeing their neighbors with freedom, the people will want freedom and demand it. And we knew it would be violent. But it's the only way to stop Islamic extremism from taking over the world.
While we watched the violence on the streets of Tehran, the president played golf and took the kids out for ice cream. To send the signal that America is now on the side of the oppressors of freedom for the people of the Middle East. What a despicable human being.

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They can’t be over us. We are still the world’s hyper power economically, militarily, and culturally. There is always the internal power play in China between the military and civilian leadership. Frequently China’s projection of military power conflicts with the civilians fight for economic power. China’s cultural tendency is to want stability. Even if the country has to close itself off from the outside world to do it. I’m sure they want the North Korean buffer, and don’t mind NK being a thorn in our side. But not to the extent of a military conflict.

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I believe this is the site:

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The election was the catalyst, but it has become much bigger than Mousavi. I do not believe Iranians are taking bullets for more of the same. Women have been on the forefront of this revolution, they are not fighting for the misogyny of Islam.- Pamela Geller 'Atlas Shrugs'

I hope Pam is right

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God protect the people of Iran.

If the leadership in Iran begins to fall, do you think they will activate their terrorist sleeper cells in the United States to retaliate?

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I hope that behind the scenes China is giving us permission to take out the facilities and will hold Kim back from military retaliation and that they would publicly scream and holler but do nothing more. China desires stability. I wonder if they will go for short term instability for long term quiet.

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Obama to the media: “I promise no lobbyist will work in my administration!”

Obama goes to staff: “OK, we have all these positions to fill with the best people we can find. Who do we have?”

Staff: “Well sir we have a problem. It seems all the best people that know enough about the subject areas to fill the positions are lobbyists.”

Obama: “Well I guess I should get all the facts before I go public and make bold statements.”

Obama then goes to the media: “I will close Guantánamo Bay within the year!”