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This just my thinking but, If I get sick and the government said that sorry you are not worth the treatment cost, so you must go home and die so we can steal your estate in taxes. I may just may declare war on the system that is killing me.

And god help them it they did it to my wife or one of my children.

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Well said!

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I have decided that I am darn tired to people trying to tell other people to not show so much anger at town meetings. That my friends is what got us in this mess in the first place, we have been asleep or just annoyed at the antics of these elected fools, we have been restrained or muted. I say that the people in congress and the senate need a wakeup call. They need to fear for their jobs, they need a few people standing in front of them making them rethink their decision making process. They should fear for their jobs, and it should be a deep fear.

Not a fear for life or limb by a dang good fear for their future job status. Some at the meeting may show rage and anger but we need some to talk with forcefully logic and candor.

They are out of control and we will not get them back in control if all of us are meekly standing around with our hands up waiting to be called on.

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That ok I think we should ban Judges.

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Humm let me see, Are you really thinking they will ever open the books of the Fed? My god if the did the value of the dollar will drop like a rock. They have screwed us by electronically creating trillions and printing billions more, we should start see the result on a mass scale in about a year or two, You are seeing it effect on oil now.

What If.
What if the two Japanese that were caught in Italy trying to smuggle a $134.5 billion in United States bearer bonds into Switzerland, where in fact real. The US and Italy swapped them with fakes, Why you ask? well if a country was trying to dump them quietly so the US would not find out until after. If one country starts dumping American bonds all HECK will break loose. It will happen if not already.

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I was watching Glenn and I was a little frazzled on his logic. Its easy to set up in his TV studio and critique our actions. I agree that now is not the time for radical action, but only fear will stop these DC dimwit’s from getting there way and destroying our country. I just don’t get it, I got the impression that he thinks we are out of control. I must have missed the news story on mad white former Military Bigot Rednecks running amuck in America this week. I have heard Glenn say many times that we are headed for pandemonium (not his exact words). I see this crises as a personnel attach on me my country, and most of all the welfare of my family.

I will never bear arms against my lawfully government. I am still under Oath to protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States. But if my government perverts its self to a Oppressive totalitarian state then I must act to save my country, I must uphold my oath that I took many years ago when I joined the US Navy.

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I love the liberal point of view Medicare is broken so to solve the problem everybody must go on Medicare. Only in Liberal La La land.

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I think that God has America on a Path of being humbled, we are on our own.
Most of America has turn its back on God, sad I do fear for our country.

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May take a fix from the IE god, but I Hope your not blue anymore.
Stay safe.

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It may be a case of Do as I say not as I do, You know remember ALL Gore and his Jet, 15000 square foot house, with a 3000 dollar a month electric bill. But you that ok because he invented the internet and you know where we would be with out him, living in caves,,,, ooo well I guess he wants us to live in caves ,,,, never mind forget what I said. LOL….