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The mythical rumor in all those survival horror movies is "In order to kill a zombie, you have to hit it in the brain!"

Looks like we may yet reclaim our world from The Living Dead...

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The chances that this bill is "on-hold" are about as legitimate as obama-rama's birth cert.

Knowing his Marxist "shining path" from Illinois as many do- his "transparent" executorship is based on the idea that "you should already know what he's gonna do based on what he's done before- not what he's saying".

Illinois's ability to ransack a family's account- based on medical funding- is amazing. I'm watching my poor grandmother fading into her golden years in a nursing home... It's amazing what the state covers and the how/why of that- most of it based on the concept that all of an individual's funds must be liquidated first before help will be offered- and all rights to personal choice fall to the state machine.

I remember this scenario from a science fiction book called "The Forever War"- written back in the late 60s/early 70s...

"The Future is Now and We All Got ****ed!"

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"I don't like repeat offenders... I like DEAD offenders."

Gets my vote for Lifetime NRA- and I'd have a beer with that man any day.

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Outstanding Idea, OM- I'll do my part as well!

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What worries me- is that I just got through showing this to my seven year old son...

Now- showing it to him was a good thing- so please don't get me wrong! What was incredibly interesting was, when I asked him what lesson he learned he mentioned this-

"In order to know how bad an 'ism' is we have to try it first".

This is past and future administrations that believe this and it's been taught, slowly but surely, to generations since Wilson.

Thankfully, I was able to explain to him just what the current administration is trying and to not believe everything his school, government or brainwashed friends tell him until he's checked with his daddy.

As to Hollywood- those bastards never made this film- it was made by "young upstarts and rabble-rousers" at Harding college! Imagine that- college students promoting life liberty and the acquisition of property!

"Freedom" people. There is no plural. "Freedoms" is a lie. Freedoms is a moron-ism propagated to instill the idea that freedom has varying shades or levels [like status or class] of constituency.

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If she so desperately wanted to be referred to as "senator" she could have made Progressive Libtard Street Cred by simply stating:

"General, before we get too far into this discussion, please refer to me simply as 'senator'- 'mam' sets a gender standard and I'd like to transcend gender in this instance. Can we agree to this for today?"

No- instead, Boxer thinks it's post-modern 60s ciche to slam "the foul, baby killing military machine" in as most public a forum as she can present. She also knows his hands were tied. He really does report to the civilians.

Someone made a reference to a puppy and a rolled up newspaper- that's very true...

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Meh- can't find a copy, annual or derivative volume for it but someone put up a web site that features the story- here it is [close to entire as I can make out] from a site that gives full credit to the author and the original publishing date...

The site is safe and simply features the story in simple text form.

"Good Hunting to You".

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Oddly enough, it was a short story that appeared in the 1973 issue of Road & Track magazine- it has been since re-told [if you will] in High School literature books [especially what was known as "The Stoner Easy-Pass" Science fiction Class"]...

Let me see if I can find it in a compilation book of Sci-Fi short stories for you...

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To which I might agree- but it's yet another extra layer of human dignity removed, onion-like, from what little an individual still possesses to get on a plane.

You really wanna boil this down to "brass taxes"?

As I see it- until we can 'embrace the suck' and get rid of male/female toilets and have "omni-sexual" bathrooms; truly getting rid of all varnish concerning gender relations/bias; we're flitting poetic with this idea of "nude x-rays"...

We consider anything 'exposing" us to be sexual- even if the notion that it's somehow deviant in it's interpretation.

"Another security step" in an airport is like saying "3rd trimester" during pregnancy- it's not an interpretation of the mother but how far along the process comes before there's fluids, screaming & yet another responsibility taken away from our independent womb.

RusS out.

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The one thing I've noticed time and again in the weapons debate [I come from the "R Lee Ermy School of This is my RIFLE, This is my GUN..."" ] is this:

The Presumption of Guilt.

This is the notion that by wanting, desiring and/or possessing a weapon already denigrates the owner as a "potential" criminal and has been the crux of progressive disarmament of the American citizen practically since the Civil War.

"Anything can be made into a weapon by a criminal" is the tired old statement drug out when the notion of illicit blacksmithing is brought up- and again, it all ties back to the presumption of guilt for manufacturing, possession or desire to have arms deigned for self/familial protection.

This presumption of guilt is no accident- outside the marble walls of the Body Politique it is bandied but never quite spoken and most certainly, unless it's the Feinstein crowds is it even so much as eluded towards- but then, a government that fears it's people- and given the Social Engineering done since just before the radical 60s- would certainly begin to whimper like some schoolyard pup to change the rules in order to favor their "winning" this game.

Note the Keisian & Lackoff tactics used to keep the "Gun Debate" on the side of the "righteous" progressives- you have to 'explain yourself" concerning your possession or desire for arms... You have to exonerate your need for such things...

Like a lion clutch circles it's prey- you're singled out, picked apart, brought down & then munched on.

Presumption of Guilt, people... At what point are we going to toss Lakoff's fat ass back at the Progressives & ask them to defend their "real" need for individual disarmament?

RusS out.