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I'm not so sure about Sen. Smith...endorsing John Kerry because of a "political game"...seems to be the same political machine stuff we are so trying to get out of office.

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In North Carolina we are organizing...go to to join a Kitchen Table Meeting near you! Do more than just blog -- get involved.

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This may already be on here, but I'm posting anyway, don't have time to sift through every post. This is not a conspiracy theory -- these are actual bills in Congress.

This is the warning that the government has in the works to take over the internet. Read and then go to look up the actually bills...I like plain English so I look to articles for others to explain to me:

I mentioned this before -- that is why it is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE for you all to get off your rear ends and get in touch with real people -- try and do a search in your area for 912 or conservatives or whatever. It IS coming people, be warned.

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I posted a comment yesterday in response to the Oath Keepers ( that I felt better because our veterans and active military have sworn to uphold the Constitution, not blindly follow the President's orders. What I didn't know is that the rumored civilian force became a law on April 21st, 2009. (in plain English) (the actual text)

I can see brigades of Obama youth (we've already seen evidence of this on Youtube) where our undisciplined, brainwashed kids, influenced 8 hours or more a day by the liberal teachers and professors in the liberal colleges and public schools, and urged on by the main stream media, march through our towns thinking they are being Patriotic. Hitler youth, 2009 style.

Do you know what YOUR child is being taught?

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Thank you for posting that. I just asked my former marine husband, RicktheJarHead last night, "what would our military do if they were ordered to fight against us if this goes any further?" and he explained about their oath to uphold the Constitution and that's why the current administration is working on their little civilian force. I feel much better.

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Yeah, and I can tell you exactly why the "agent leaped to certain conclusions or has made certain assumptions about this individual and about how serious the threat really is" - because 1) he's homeschooled, 2) his room was full of American flags, according to the article and 3) he goes to church.

Isn't that stuff supposed to make us potential terrorists?

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I sent mine:

Perhaps you have heard of the Tea Parties – if you have, maybe you would have seen that many of the people who attended those events, and are planning bigger events on Independence Day, are fed up with the Republican Party. Perhaps you have heard of the 912 Project. If you have, you may know that hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people are fed up with the Republican Party.

Sending Jeb Bush and John McCain to “talk” to people was a big mistake – it shows you are not listening to us and just made us angrier. We want the Constitution protected. We want Conservative values back. We want less government. We don’t want “Dem-Lite” as one 912er put it, as the Republican Party has become. We want our borders protected. We want illegals sent back where they came from, not welcomed with open arms and given driver’s licenses. We want our personal opinions, including those about from Bible and about God, to be protected. We want to preserve the Bill of Rights. We believe parents know best for their children, not the government. We want to bring back family values. We expect people to work for their living and don’t want them given handouts unless we ourselves so choose. We are Conservative and proud of it. Our Beloved Country will be better off when these principles are put back into effect.

Specter was a RINO – good riddance. But there are plenty more in office now who are not standing up to the Obama administration, getting rid of the out of control spending, getting rid of the pork. Some say it, like McCain, but they don’t do it. McCain lost partly because he ran back to Washington to sign the spending bill instead of fighting against it. He betrayed us.

We suggest you read “The 5000 Year Leap” by Skousen and visit and read the many thousands of comment from Right-wing people, Americans who you are supposed to represent.

A Registered Republican in NC,
(my name)

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No, absolutely not, I think they should be sent back to where they came from.

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I agree with what you are all saying about the Republican Party as it stands now. Have you told them your thoughts? I challenge you to write a letter or email them. If 600K people flooded their system with this message, perhaps they would finally listen (and fire Steele, and no, not because he's black, thank you).

I am not giving up hope that many candidates will emerge, Republicans, new Republicans, who stand for the 912 message. I know one of them personally.

Comment on this when you have written the Republican party with your beef.

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I'm a member of both (as of this weekend), but the big difference I see the site is organizing to become a PAC, which is very important if we want to raise funds and do more than just spout off at the mouth. Yes, they may be lacking leadership in some states, but that is YOUR CUE to stand up and lead, folks.

The .us site has more members, but I will keep checking it out to see if it is a leftist site. One person on there has asked me to join another site -- too many sites for me. I have 8 children, a business and household to run, and no way can I keep going to all these different sites. I want one or two central sites -- this site I can post comments and such, but at the national912 site I can ACT as well as post in the forums. Husband is now a state leader for the and I think we're going to stay with that and help build it up. Come join us!