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oh no!
I hope they feel better quick! (Will was home with croup last week. it was awful.)

ps I would TOTALLY bring you wine for some of your delicious cookies. Wish I lived closer ;)

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I'm late linking up, but I'm here.
Breaking the rules a little ;) hee hee

Amen on ending the "R" word!
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I want some of that too!

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I love both of your Ryan posters...mainly because the 1st one is a bit more "real", plus, you did say "bastardize" and like Lexi, I love that!

And the unfinished homework! Oh.My.Gosh! That is SOOOO me (with my 10 yr old who is learning disabled, not my 5 yr old with autism.)

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LOL How funny is that! We were TOTALLY thinking along the same lines. heehee... maybe our boys are as similar as they seem.
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you know, I have definitely found through your blog posts and things you post on FB that we don't always agree on a lot of things (esp politically)...
we are in total agreement here.
i refuse to do anything but support another parent with a special needs child. No way in hell will they get anything from me but that.
We all need each other.

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I hope so!
Droid has nothing like that to offer right now :(

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How sad.
Very deeply sorry for the horrible and sudden loss of such an amazing & fearless man.
His family is in my prayers.

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I have considered moving "off the grid" and just "pretending" this isn't going on. But, I can't. I LOVE America and I am heartbroken. Absolutely and utterly heartbroken. I come from a long line of military, tracing all the way back to my decendent, William Wallace. The fight is in my blood.
I WILL NOT let this happen to my country without my doing something. If I have to, I will pack all 9 kids up in the van and go live on the steps of our congress and I will let them see my childrens faces and let them know who they are hurting.
This has got to be stopped before it gets too far.
Who am i kidding? It is too far!
It has to be stopped before it turns into a revolution. Because then, it will get bloody and no one wants to see that.

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I have to say, I am more and more annoyed as I watch the news and quite frankly, I feel really helpless. Even though we have this format here and can clearly see there are others out "there" that agree... I have called my officials and they still are doing whatever they want. (I live in NJ, so of course they do what they want!) I have 9 kids and am worried for their futures. No, not worried, angry. Plain old angry.
How the heck am I supposed to raise my kids and tell them the sky is the limit, when clearly, our govt wants to limit their futures. No one can tell my kids what they have to do with their future. No one. Not me. Not my husband and certainly not my ELECTED officials.
But, how do we stop them?