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Off With Its Head!!! that thing is fugly!!!

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this is touchy, cause I can see her hating her parents for "long" time if they do press charges even though he deserves them... she wont see it that way, she probably think she's in love, and if she is pregnant, holy moly that's a whole another can of worms.

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the man stole plain and simple, of all people a police man should know the difference.,...that is the reason why it's news worthy, A man who took an oath to protect and serve stole Lube.. of all things, lube. Come on, really how embaressing can it be... imagine women everyday having to buy pads, tampons, monistat.... you dont think we get embressed making sure we hit the lady cashier and not the man cashier ...or how bout this the self check out... he could have gone to albertson or freddies if he was that embaressed.

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ok, he stole lube and not even the good stuff... try Castle or Fantasy Video atleast you know everyone there is buying something deviant!

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seriously... what is wrong with all these idiots on her.. the girl is 17, she's in HIGH SCHOOL. She's not in college.

Children 6-12 dont get to decide what education they get... they HAVE to go!! It's a requirement to send your children to school as a parent or home school them.
IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY of our Government and the Tax Payer to provide a decent well rounded K-12 EDUCATION to our FUTURE to that is up to snuff with every 1st world country.

seriously I just dont get people sometime.......

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I couldnt agree more! If the police KNOWINGLY know they have the wrong person after the fact, they did the damage Pay Up you Idiots!! Do they just think people have money under their mattress to pay for POLICE mistakes.

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just your name alone Donkey!! you sound like a real a$$

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Poor girl....I am glad she did the right thing of keeping her baby safe. Hope she gets the helps she needs to finish school and make her life productive for her and her child.

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it's Our Corporate backed gov't, who allowed Big Business to move their Operations to cheap countries to HIRE their people, pay them pennies and then ship their goods back here for US to buy at some jacked up price !!! We let this happen to ourselves.....and it's time for us to take it back.