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Thankfully, I don't get popups. I'd have been long gone if I did and couldn't stop them. I just feel, KATU lost that community it used to have. Maybe everyone had an agenda they would all push or some axe to grind against humanity in general, but it seems like it wasn't as in your face as it is now.

There was actual intelligent, humorous discussions back then. Then all the good people left. Ah well, I was more of a lurker than contributor anyway.

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I signed up too, with this name and picture. I really dislike it though. Maybe because I'm used to intensedebate, but also because it's so bland and impersonal.

I've been slowly drifting away from KATU and most online things lately anyway.

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The "if we don't talk about it it doesn't exist" law. The Christian Taliban working hard for you!

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I wouldn't expect anything less from any other company.

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Sarcasm needs it's own font.

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I believe on his prison resume he likes to rough house in the shower. There are quite a few young men in prison who will help him.

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I wanna see Peter Griffin's PTV side bewb episode ;-)

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It's ashame that they won't end up in a military school/academy. It could turn their lives around for the good.

My own father would use that threat on me for things much less severe than what these kids did. Looking back, I wish he had sent me.

And if any one of these kids was mine, Monday morning we'd be on our way to a tough military school. Better that than some institutionalized hellhole after which, they'll be lucky to get a job scooping up roadkill.

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The time-out kids just realized they can get away with anything. They're going to have a rude awakening when they wake up at 05:00 in a military academy.

Unfortunately, being as jaded as I am, I have serious doubts about any substantial consequences for these little "darlings".

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We've become so nannified, no one has any problem solving skills anymore. People immediately call 911 because they're idiots. They should create a new *11 number for these kinds of situations. It'll free up 911 for the real emergencies.