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But, of course.

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Bless his soul. What a great man. I am stunned & saddened. I hope he left instructions to those who might carry on in his stead. Rest in Peace, Andrew, we thank you for all you've done & pray for you, your family and friends.

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The sad thing is that the Democrat base will hear this and most will never go find out on their own that what he's saying is utterly & outlandishly false - ironically, all they'd have to do is watch FOX for a little while to see that he's disingenuous and ridiculous. Prepare for the upcoming "war" the LEFT is fomenting.

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Contact info for MSNBC ~ if you think they matter enough to exert the energy: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/10285339/ Of course, they are the REAL racists & we should call them out.

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I'm from the Deep South and this guy is a boatload of CRAP. Only A RACIST would view thoroughly innocuous words or phrases as coded racism. This Democrat fool offends me and I just can't help but be absolutely astounded that someone as thickheaded holds a public office ... but then again Obama, perpetrator of racial & class warfare, is President, so nothing should surprise me.

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My list keeps growing of those in Hollywood whom I'll not support in any manner but Redford has been at the top for quite a long time.

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Where is Zero with a speech on "new civility" now? He's king of avowing the lurid Left's political & intellectual madness & cannot breach those palisades.

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I wondered why the Occupiers just sat there so meekly allowing themselves to be pepper-sprayed - this explains it.

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First, Nascar and next comes a "country music" celebration by the down-home folksy POTUS & FLOTUS ... wouldn't put it past President & Mrs. Soetoro to show up wearing overalls with straw in their hair and a chew in their lips ... workin' and playin' the residents of Bumpkinland they chided so haughtily and contemptuously before. Giddyap ~ this means they love you, indeedy do, all God-lovin', gun-totin', bitter clingerers in the heartland. Ready to laugh when I hear how BHO affects a country twang/accent. ;-)

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Think Obama & Co. will say the Occupiers "acted stupidly?" Hmph, this is what he's fomented & he's clapping his filthy hands with glee.