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Why does this Leftist cretin think people who are outraged when Muslims murder people who work for an inflammatory comic magazine are his friends? We're not your friends we are your allies against greater evil than the musing of creepy little elderly Leftist dolts and their vile little rag of a magazine.

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Remember this is Vermont so very very little can be expected of them. It is a vile and morally depraved Leftist fever swamp that is dying from its own hubris and insanity. These moral degenerate cretin are the best they can produce.

Aside from being evil, they are mind numbing stupid. Bleach?

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Yep, he is a whack job and you're right about the others too. Fundie strikes me as correct they have all malformed logic from Wittenberg on.

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McCain-Feingold was judged on it's Constitutionality and McConnell didn't vote for it. but did it help with McCain-Feingold? (which I called my Senators to complain and fought vehemently against)

No not a bit.

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You're losing me in that flight of logic. A law that impacts the Freedom of Speech is of less importance than the proposal to engage in temporary and operational lifting of the debt limit of Federal Budget by the Executive? There was not alteration of the power of the purse over long term.

The point Legatus sagely made was the freedom of speech are limited by a law that passed both House and Senate and was signed by the President and it was found to be Un-Constitutional after the fact. No one was punished for it and we were forced to have the idiot who proposed it run as our candidate in 2008.

You're off the rails both Constitutionally and operationally. EOD made irresponsible and obviously silly comment defining the Leader of the Republican party in the Senate as a Republican in name only and that you seem honor bound to defend is quite perplexing.

Neither you, me nor EOD are Republican enough to make that call. That is why they are called Leaders and you, me and EOD are not.

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Interesting that you used McCain-Feingold which was John McCain's unforgivable sin and McConnell's tenacious and principled effort in defeating . He alone went after it.

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Generals make decisions that turn out to be mistakes and soldiers die but that doesn't mitigate their need to decide, direct and plan contingencies. I am not going to shoot a Leader because a plan he never executed was bad when he has served the interest of Liberty so ably over the last 15 or 20 years under Clinton, Bush and Obama.

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Haha.... Neither dead nor wrong just more circumspect about gutting our leadership over silly mistakes.

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I have no idea where you believe you have mastered the art of logical argumentation but it is quite impotent, puerile and boring. Master something and return to fray when you're ready. I need more discipline to ignore you in the manner you deserve. It is entirely my fault for encouraging you and I apologize to all concern but especially Legatus Severus.

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Not really Southwood not really. You're just annoying .