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Hi Goober! Shoot me some info on it Please! Glad to see you all, We have been very busy trying to start a grass roots movement here in Indiana. We are gearing up for next year, as well as trying to get people involved. Hope everyone is doing great!!_

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We were hearing last night that he is not planning on closing them down. I guess time will tell.

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Good Morning Growlers,_We wnet to a Patriots meetings and we heard that Geoege Soro's has been buying up the gun companies. Has anyone else heard this. They mentioned Remington, and several others and said that 1 company started losing money so Soro's sold it to the employees and now it is making money.. Has anyone heard about this??

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Hi DHR, You are so right. We will be working on some things very soon. Right now we are taking a few weeks to get rested up and regroup. We are already getting idea's together and will have a brain storming meeting soon. We have some more big elections for our county next year..

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Good Morning Growlers,
I have been sick by all that I have learned this last 8 months. our city elections are over and all but 1 of our candidates lost. WHY you ask when we had such great candidates? Because EVIL was fighting hard and playing dirty. Our city employees were told who they would vote for if they wanted to keep their job! As we live on the poor side of town the lady who ran against my husband works at the trustee office where everyone goes for help... No need to say any more. People came out to vote who hahve not voted for 20 years!! Drove in car loads..Our residents are paying 266,000.00 a year to lease our fire hydrants! We have a economic development fund that is a SLUSH fund for those in control..In the last 4 years our city has went further down and now I know beyond a shadow of doubt that we are sinking fast! HOWEVER there is no place to stop fighting all this evil. We are pushing on and I am asking that you all keep us in your Prayers...KEEP ON KEEPNG ON folks there is no place to stop.. May God bless all of you!!

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Hi Goob, Golly I sure do miss you girls!! Thank you for all the SUPPORT!! It sure has been a learning experience this year.It boggles my mind with all the crap we have learned. We have been very busy campaigning and we have been blessed to find that they are concerned citizens right in our town. We were finally able to attend a 2nd Patriot Amendment meeting last night. We had found out about it 8 months ago but there has always been some event we have needed to be at. There are folks there who talk about stocking up on all things. Share info they feel is important... It was a 3 hour deal with eating and talking, sharing.... If at all possible I would urge people to try and start one in their area's..I will try and pop in ocassionally. As soon as this election is over I am gearing up to help next years candidates. There is no place to stop!! I will try and get a article for the growl when time permits....May God Bless you all!! God Bless AMERICA!

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Thank you Ron!!

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Thank you Ron!! We started about 2 years seeing what was or was not ahppening and in our city, Them My husband decided to run, We have sinced learned a lot. November the 9th begins a start for the 2012 local and state elections, We have a friend who is a State Senator and he says he believes our grassroot movement needs to start at home and spread all the way to the state then to the Washington. Like he says that monoster is so far out of its cage that it will take good people from the ground up to recage it if we are able too..

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Good Morning All!_It has been a very busy last 8 months, we are in the last final stages of the campaign! My husband decided to run for city council in our district. I am 1 very proud wife!! We have learned a lot during these last few months, it is amazing the things that in our town that we were not aware of......We have 4 Republican men who are running office, They are men who are caring and what to see Real Change in our city and accountablity to our citizens. I ask that you please keep them in your prayers that this NOVEMBER 8th, the voters will see that they have a CHOICE at the polls!! There is no place to stop!! God Bless you all !!!

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Sadly some people just have to see how mean they can be. Maybe they should one of these days something may happen where they will need their neighbors. Thank you for the kind words there is no place to quit our country is at stake here. God Bless you!