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You and others like are are who we have to thank for the Country still having God's ear. The more of us who join, the closer we will get to a prosperous and peaceful nation.

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Thanks justfolk.

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I respectfully disagree that morality can be legislated. Yes we have laws against deviant behavior which is necessary for a society to exist, but does that stop the behavior? If it did there would no longer be a need for jails. Morality comes from within the person and often, as I have found raising 4 teens, making a "rule" against something makes it even more desirable to do and their personal morality helps prevent acting against God and other men. We do need laws against murder, rape etc so we can use them to punish offenders, but the laws on the books are not a deterrent. God in our hearts however is.

I believe God has given us complete free will. What someone chooses to do with it is a personal choice. Yes they must follow man's rules, as long as those do not interfere with God's "rules" and when caught be punished according to those laws. I believe those who choose to use their free will for evil will be punished in the afterlife, even if they are held high in this world. However, it is not my place to judge the moral character of another, but is my responsibility to bring them God's word and live as an example. I do not believe condemning others is a means to those ends. Prayer for the nation and all who dwell here is the best way to turn the evil hearts of men to good.

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I am sorry I confused you. My point is we are being played from both sides to choose sides and divide over these types of issues. It never has been about gay marriage, it has always been about control and division.

I never thought of myself as a libertarian, I do not agree with any one "label" of party or ideal.

I do think the only way to return America to her former glory is to invite God back into the public square. This Country has become like the tower of Babel and we all talk around each other and lay blame and guilt at the feet of those who disagree. God gave us free will, and if we get His support back we will have the freedom to choose Him without persecution or prosecution. This in no way means I think we must Force God on everyone. However I believe if we who believe live our lives to Glorify Him it will be contagious and others, even those who do not believe in Him, will change the way they view life and will want to be more peaceful, accepting and loving in their everyday lives. They will see the peace and blessings we enjoy. It will cause the Country to see the tyranny of the oppressive government men have made and we will be clamoring for the freedom in God. I pray it also stops the judging and hatred I see from both sides. I know there will always be evil in this world, but with a Country filled with God and His protection we can keep it at bay. I ask that you join me in daily prayer to restore God to our Country, then watch the miracles wipe all these man-made problems away.

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LOL is there anyone who can honestly say no to that question? ;)

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Extreme liberals want to take morality out of the government and extreme conservatives want to regulate it "There ought to be a law!". Most of America is sitting in the middle saying WTH??

Political correctness is the tool being used by both sides, the libs to make us feel guilty for showing OUR moral side by not supporting things we think are wrong or immoral and the conservatives (hmm how do you shorten that like libs?) by making us feel guilty for not supporting issues THEY think are wrong or immoral. Morality can not be regulated, but it should be a part of everyone when dealing with freedom of choice. Imposing your will on others is the most immoral act of all. God gives us free will, don't let men take that away.

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Amen! :)

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We have so many things destroying this Nation, gay marriage and abortion are being used as distractions. Those are very personal issues and while I have thoughts on both, neither should be in the public arena. It is an obvious, to those who look, ploy to distract us from the economic collapse and freedom crushing regulations being imposed on us all. The Chick-Fil-A discussion was one about freedom of speech for me, not gay marriage. Unfortunately Americans have become so easily manipulated into blaming and arguing it has turned into something else. Ever heard of the tower of Babble? Doesn't the circular conversation style of today remind you of that? I want Freedom! I have it with God, how dare men try to take it away.

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Not surprised. To think that the leader of the nation has the time to try to confuse or delay the voting system in place in a State while the Country goes to hell in a handbasket is infuriating. Can you say desperation? The States need to tell him what he can do with his interference. I think OH just may be the one to do it too. grrrrrrr