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Svend White has been a Muslim for a couple of decades and was an early and ongoing staff member and officer of the Center for Islam and Democracy in Washington. He is a close friend of Radwan Masmoudi and an associate of Louay Safi of ISNA, Jamal Barzingi of IIIT, and John Esposito of Alwaleed's Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown — an organization that has run hundreds of seminars about Christians understanding Muslims and NOT ONE ABOUT MUSLIMS UNDERSTAND CHRISTIANS.

Svend White, I am sorry to say, appears not to believe in free speech. Any criticism of Islam or even a challenge on specific points is apparently just not allowed to us non-Muslims who, I suppose, should just shut up and eat our shari'a as it's doled out to us.

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SUE, ROBERT. SUE THIS GUY. What is this??? Year 3, year 4, year 5?

And of course you have to answer him.

And yes, Duh Swami, Charles Johnson has been riding on Robert Spencer's coattails for years. He has NOTHING of himself to give to any legitimate effort, so he can only maintain some kind of notoriety by sleazing around good people and trying to suck attention.

Johnson's TARGET is the people who are actually about getting something done about this, and his MEANS are good people like Robert and Pamela.

He is the worst kind of person: sucking off others during times of great danger, having not one shred of morality or even decency, and willing to sell out both his country and freedom itself to get just one more shot of limelight.

SUE HIM, ROBERT. It's time to sue this guy.

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C4SA ...

Elsa Koch, the "Bitch of Buchenwald" was the wife of the commandant and a certified psychopathic sadist. However, the people who were responsible for bringing her to trial after the war — and wanted this woman dead in the worst way — all said that the lamp shade accusation was false. It persists, along with a couple of dozen other wartime exaggerations, which, of course, pale in comparison with the REAL atrocities of killing 6 million Jews, 11 million Poles and 20 million Russians.

The lamp shades were made of goat or sheep skin, like most European parchments.

P.S. In my opinion, Jerrold Post has written the savviest psychiatric analyses of both collective identity and the problems of male-female disparity, of which more radical Islamic environments are the worst CURRENT example. Hesperado, if you see something wrong with his analyses, can you tell me why, on clinical grounds, you think he is mistaken?

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Cruzador, UNQUESTIONABLY this woman did this with her husband's overt or tacit permission, and he should be in custody RIGHT NOW.

There is a burgeoning series of writings underway right now on the psychiatry of Islam, and the impact of the structure of the relationships between men and women in Islam. Chesler (see FPM) et al. have written extensively on what happens to the mother-child bond in Islamic families, and Dr. Jerrold Post has written an article called "Collective Identity: Hatred Bred in the Bone" about how the collective, rather than individual, identity in Islam creates an adult male who is capable of murder FEELING NO GUILT WHATSOEVER. Post also discusses why the Muslim (particularly Arab Muslim) male is stuck in the genital phase of development (that's the "Terrible Twos" for those of you who have not lived through the thrills of parenthood!), and will likely stay there for life. Petulant, bratty, arrogant, whiny, violent, pitching fits of rage, misunderstood, victimy, demanding to be served, irresponsible, blaming, screaming, bitching and moaning.

Any of this sound familiar?

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I don't know if I'm right about this, but I suspect, from the viciousness of an attack by a woman against a CHILD, that this is a case of class rage-transference in which women, unable to kick the arrogant asses of the incarcertaing males they live with (or they become honor road-kill), take it out on other women (FGM) or children.

Beating and BITING a child to death. Biting is normally not anger, but rage, the person having been reduced from human to animal level.

I would be interested to know if she is covering, pun intended, for her husband.

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He has been the torturer of the Saudi people for decades, as he runs the Mutawiyyin, the Saudi religious police and controls the judiciary from which these bloodlust sentences are given. He is the worst of the worst, but Abdullah had to put him in the line of succession. He moved him back once already, behind Sultan, as a way of trying to impress upon him that needed to soften, but he couldn't sideline him entirely as he's Sudairi.

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Jul 16, 11:21 pm · from Vigilant TV

NBC has a piece on private satellite broadcasts to Iran being jammed by a source in Cuba. The broadcasts are made by private TV studios, mostly low budget Iranian language news and chat shows. Iran had been largely unsuccessful at jamming the broadcasts from within the country, as we reported last month.

One of the sources said that [Telstar-12 operators Loral Skynet], working with transmitter location expert TLS Inc. of Chantilly, Va., had further fixed the location as “20 miles outside of Havana.” Cuba’s main electronic eavesdropping base, at Bejucal, is about 20 miles outside of the Cuban capital. The base, built for Cuba by the Russians in the early 1990’s, monitors and intercepts satellite communications.


The Farsi language broadcasts, by the Los Angeles-based ParsTV, Azadi Television and Appadana TV, are uplinked in the US via Telstar-5, which is over the United States. They are then turned around at the Washington International Teleport in Alexandria, Va., where they are joined by the VOA broadcast and uplinked again to Telstar-12 over the eastern Atlantic Ocean.
It is the Telstar-12 uplink that is being jammed, say investigators for companies working with the broadcasters, cutting off broadcasts not only in Iran but in Europe and the rest of the Middle East as well. The jamming could emanate from anywhere within the satellite’s uplink footprint, which covers all the Eastern United States, the Caribbean and South America, say investigators. In the past, the Iranian government, using high-power transmitters on towers in cities such as Tehran have been able to jam it locally. The fact that TV viewers elsewhere can’t see it was the first hint that the jamming was happening on this side of the Atlantic. – NBC, U.S. satellite feeds to Iran jammed: Jamming signals are coming from Cuba, sources say.

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For the Village Idiot ... it took me 20 seconds to access this. Now: Apologize. After they jammed the 9/11 broadcast, they jammed VOA.

Iran and Cuba Zap U.S. Satellites by J Michael Waller

Iran and Cuba Zap U.S. Satellites; Acting on behalf of the mullahs in Tehran, Fidel Castro has been jamming U.S. satellite broadcasts into Iran from an electronic-espionage base outside of Havana.(THE NATION)
Insight on the News, August 19, 2003, by J. Michael Waller

Byline: J. Michael Waller, INSIGHT

State sponsors of terrorism not only threaten U.S. interests on land, at sea and in the air, but now they have teamed up to attack U.S. assets in space. By successfully jamming a U.S. communications satellite over the Atlantic Ocean, the regimes of Cuba and Iran challenged U.S. dominance of space and the assumptions of free access to satellite communication that makes undisputed U.S. military power possible.

The Bush administration, meanwhile, appears paralyzed about how to cope with this latest threat, which one U.S. official likens to an "act of war." The target of these terrorist states: Telestar-12, a commercial communications satellite orbiting at 15 degrees west, 22,000 miles above the Atlantic.

At press time, nearly a month has passed since the Cuban government began jamming U.S. government and private Persian-language TV and radio broadcasts into Iran. At a time when international political change and military action can be decided within a matter of days, the U.S. government assumes unfettered access to communications satellites to be a crucial tool of statecraft. Americans use satellites to broadcast and relay radio and TV programming into denied areas such as North Korea, Cuba, Iran, the People's Republic of China and even friendly countries.

A hostile attack on a U.S. communications satellite, even if that attack only jams a signal for a few days or weeks, could be decisive in the current environment of geopolitical instability. The Pentagon sees communications satellites as vital tools to promote "regime change" where hostile or terrorist-sponsoring governments can be undermined from within simply by broadcasting honest and accurate news and information to truth-starved populations. The Bush administration belatedly has recognized the power of news in places such as Iran, where popular demonstrations against the theocracy of mullahs have been building for several years.

The jamming of Telestar-12 began on July 6, coinciding with the startup of a new Persian-language TV news broadcast to Iran sponsored by the Voice of America (VOA). The VOA started the half-hour evening program, News and Views, just as a new wave of pro-democracy protests was about to challenge a regime the White House considered part of the "Axis of Evil" along with North Korea and the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Iranian television is censored to redact news about the increasing unrest against the government.

Much more at

Geographically, Cuba's strategic location enabled Iran on at least one occasion to clandestinely engage in electronic attacks against U.S. telecommunications that posed a threat to the Islamic regime's control and censorship. In the summer of 2003, Tehran blocked signals from a U.S. satellite broadcasting uncensored Farsi-language news into Iran at a time of rising unrest. Based on the location of the satellite over the Atlantic, it would have been impossible for Iranian-based transmissions to affect the satellite's signals. Ultimately, the jamming was traced to a compound in the outskirts of Havana that had been equipped with the advanced telecommunications technology capable of disrupting the Los Angeles-based broadcaster's programming across the Atlantic. It is well known that Cuba has continuously upgraded its ability to block U.S. broadcasts to the island, and hence conceivably to jam international communications in general. Although the Cuban government would later claim that Iranian diplomatic staff had operated out of the compound without its consent, given that Cuba "[is] a fully police state," as an Iran expert has noted, "it is difficult to believe the Iranians had introduced the sophisticated jamming equipment into Cuba without the knowledge of the Cuban authorities," much less utilized against U.S. targets without the knowledge of the Castro regime.

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Hesperado ...

Oh, I do not car WHAT you think about anything now. I will not be involving a NASA astronaut in anything with someone like you.


I do not have to satisfy you.

YOU have to satisfy your own curiosity, rather than making others do research of which you are apparently intellectually incapable, because it makes you feel good to shoot your mouth off without evidence.

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The information about the international space station comes directly from a friend who was the station at the time (ISS No. 3, US crew).

The Iranian expat community in Los Angeles sent a TV satellite message asking the Iranians to show solidarity with Americans with candles and flashlights, and the figure are theirs. As soon as the mullahs found out about it they had Cuba block the bounce-signal and they shut down the expat Iranian-American LA TV station's signal for days until they worked around it with another sat uplink. That's in addition to the spontaneous outburst at the stadium, which INFURIATED the mullahs, found here:

<a href=" target="_blank">http://media.<a href="" target="_blank">

Then there is the call for a rally in Tehran in support of the USA a year later. This is the one that started getting the students into big trouble, resulting in the deaths of many, including professors and imams supporting them. See:

Look around. There is a lot there, particularly with regard to the internet poll two years ago, the designers of which are now all dead or in prison.

This is all very accessible, so perhaps those who want to cast doubt on the offerings of others might spend just a little time investigating before the accusations start flying. This results in a forcing of other people to do YOUR work in an effort to defend themselves against YOUR false accusations coming from a virtually total illiteracy with regard to what is going on in the world YOU are living in.