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Which they've shown they will if their assets from a show are being used to make a profit without their permission.

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Ah, do many folks understand of what Drawponies did or how much legal trouble he is in for admitting to using show assets for his traces and claiming the work is his and made a profit off of them?

What Draw Ponies committed was plagiarism and a serious one at that as if Hasbro finds out he has used show assets to make a profit, they can send a C&D order on him and even forbid him from drawing anymore pony art on his accounts. There is already precedence for it too as Hasbro has sent C&D to many animators who have used those assets, even without profit.

This also doesn't scratch at how his dishonesty has made him undeserving profit at the expense at his commissioners who were misled into believing his skill as an artist, and the other artists and vendors whose more honest work isn't anywhere near as popular as his work as he's making around 16,000 dollars per year on arts that many are stolen from DHX.

Finally his empty apology didn't help him much considering he knew full well what he was doing but didn't cared until he was caught. Sorry but count me as one of many that will not forgive him anytime soon.

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Brooklyn rage is where it's at.

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Got it, thank you.

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Is it available for a limited time, as I'm worried at missing the opportunity to get this?

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Excellent to hear Mrs. Berrow will write at least one episode for season 5 as I liked her little story with Twilight and the Crystal Heart. Along with my pre-order for the Daring Do books, I plan on getting her other books as well.

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Why kick Dave Polsky out when he probably had the best season for any writer last year in my opinion? As for Merriweather, honestly I feel she receives more hate than she really deserves as while yes she didn't start off well in season 2, but she has progressively gotten better and wrote easily one of Rd's best episodes in the series in 'Wonderbolt's Academy'.

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Happy Birthday Lauren Faust. Continue to shine forth with awe inspiring creativity you were gifted with, and may it continue to inspire aspiring artists.

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If I have no case, then your huge amount of points against mine and how passive aggressive you've been seems to indicate otherwise :)

1. She also admits that she knew what she was doing was wrong but she still went through with it until Starswirl had to literally stop her by closing the portal against her will until Celestia went ahead and learned the spell so she can continue her visits unabated. Just because she admits to how wrong she is now doesn't mean much when she was more than willing to go behind Starswirl's back and trust despite admitting to herself for what she was doing was wrong. All it shows is just of how much she didn't gave a crap to Starswirl's warnings and how much she valued AU Sombra over him among others and for how long the kingdom hasn't known such a secret shows the lengths she will go to protect such a secret until it was forced out of her hand.

Also, considering of how the comic arc never stated of whether she stopped her visits or not, in fact seem to support that she didn't considering it is her visits to his world that is causing the two world's barrier to collapse, I'd say the only reason why she's being so apologetic now is because the situation has blown up in her face and she little to no choice but to be sorry for causing it all despite being warned repeatedly that such a consequence will occur.

Closer to Twilight, Twilight handled her romance with Flash Sentry in EQG alot better than Celestia did as Twilight cared for him but was willing to move past him and return to her world without him while Celestia was willing to throw everything else she cared for and was expected to care for just to satisfy her need for a romance. The only thing it's showing is just how much smarter Twilight is over Celestia already despite the point of Celestia's character being one Twilight wishes to be as a ruler.

2. A gap that is left unexplained but implied that she didn't stopped her visits because if she didn't why is the barrier between her world and his failing? Really, you assume that I don't have proof that Celestia hadn't stopped her visits when we have evidence that thanks to those visits she continued to do, she is causing both of those worlds to collapse while you have no proof that she ever stopped her visits.

3. Except that's the case shown in the comic as she was willing to ditch her sister for an AU sister so she can have an easy sister to handle rather than try and fix whatever problems she could've with her sister, and remember the comics never shown or explained when she stopped her visits.

Considering of how Celestia has long kept this secret until it blew up and she was forced to admit to her follies to her sister only because Luna forced the issue, I'd say yes she was scared of admitting for what she was doing to her kingdom.


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Then where is the evidence in this arc showing that she stopped her visits? The arc never explained it as far as I can tell. In fact, it was stated multiple times that her visits to the AU world were causing the destruction of the barriers so explain how it could have gotten so bad if Celestia had stopped?