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The origins of love and tolerate are not an opinion. It was a meme for anti trolling, that's fact not opinion.

I sort of appreciate what you're trying to do here but you're associating this with insecurity rather than personal comfort at what you publicly identify yourself. Then there's the how many people "accept clop" I never even mentioned that factor it's not what makes me uncomfortable at all.

I don't fear what others think of me, however I rather them see me in the way that I'm most proud of seeing me. All people have things they would rather not be associated with that they do and it's perfectly acceptable to adjust accordingly. After all, the alternative is to be less happy with your identity for no good reason so I'm choosing the way that I like, and it's harmless to others.

Finally you end by insisting that separation without malice equals hate. I'm sorry but say someone who is heavily autistic was to sit next to you and make you uncomfortable. It isn't hate to move away without insulting the individual it's a logical step in distancing yourself from the source of discomfort without blaming the party causing it.

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No you really haven't shown that I was never a brony. You made up a definition that fits none of the ones that are widely accepted and based on a phrase which you misinterpreted it's meaning. So no you haven't shown that at all I'm afraid.

And you repeat yourself again in your next paragraph I'll respond the same way, it's about labels and groups, no matter what which things you call yourself effect how you see yourself and unless you are a complete soc ail recluse it effects your life with others as well. You're trying to stick me with a label but I'm not associating with that anymore, identity is again a relative construct and it has to be defined as such there is no one interpretation of it and the only one that truly matters is the one you give yourself and the one you chose to show to others. Please stop trying to force your interpretation on to me.

Anyhow, you were putting words in my mouth you claimed that I think all bronies are cloppers when I clearly made a distinction, now for the third time. Cloppers are a part of the fandom, a large part. They are innocent of everything in and of themselves but they make me feel uncomfortable to associate with. I am not disparaging them by making a clear separation the same applies to excusing yourself from a group when there is a part that annoys you in grade school. It's the most mature and most beneficial way to deal with it for both parties involved.

As far as the labels not meaning anything that isn't true because most people think that way. As soon as you say "I'm a furry" let's say the person who sees this does not know you so he uses every known aspect of that group to define you before that, this includes the negative connotations as well. On a personal level the same thing happens because if you find the term uncomfortable and you use the term describe yourself you are not comfortable in turn. I am now uncomfortable with the label brony which is, by every definition, not that bs stipulation that you say. I am now dropping all association with the label and all connotations it gives to me and others and now just quietly enjoy it as a side thing while I focus my attention elsewhere.

You're going through a lot of work to try to define for me something you have no control over.

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I would certainly argue it hurts the fucking children pretty goddamn badly. You know like irreparable psychological damage that they never recover from. Also that is rape, so there is that.

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You didn't pay attention to the main point of the two articles which was that love and tolerance wasn't a mantra of what makes a brony it was an anti trolling meme. It was a joke, not a philosophy from the show especially in the 4 chan days when none of the themes you mentioned were ever shown or explored and to a large extent they still aren't.

Also I'll repeat myself and say identity is what you personally make it out to be since it is a personal construct. I find it very arrogant of you that you think you can define something intrinsically personal to me yourself. Identity is how you see yourself and to a lesser extent, since it is impossible for others to truly know you, how you chose to present yourself to society. If I don't chose to associate myself with a certain label then it ceases to be a part of it. What you think is inconsequential in the matter since it is MY identity.

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So first again look up the definition of brony, you are wrong. Also it is about how I personally identify in public as well as how others identify me by my active efforts to call attention to it. What I do in private is not related to this.

Nope, only if I hold it to any value it is. You see identity is how you personally see yourself and if I no longer think of myself under that label than that is no longer part of what makes my personal identity. Others do not have the power to decide that for me. Also the reason I joined the fandom is already explained and also very simple the show was pretty good and some of the fandom content was amazing. Both these things exist in enormous amounts in other fandoms which I have yet to explore.

Lastly again you are putting words in my mouth which actually contradict what I am saying. I very well specified large contingent because, as the poll shows it is still a minority who clop. However, the contingent is , in fact large enough, so that the label of brony makes me uncomfortable because when you personally identify under a label it is not associated with one aspect of that group but all of them to yourself and strangers and a big part of that makes not comfortable. It's quite simple really and it makes me happier to do. I'm not imposing on anyone, it's your personal responsibility to remove yourself if things make you uncomfortable in some way and to not blame the group that does so. I've always held this to be true which is why I steam at things like the "down with molestia" movements. Those people who were offended by it should have just removed themselves from interacting with the tumblr and now I'm removing myself from identification of the fandom.

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No, you're 100% wrong. There is no definition of brony that includes that clause or stipulation so by commonly accepted english language you are wrong. Also love and tolerate was an ironic term meant to counter troll in the early 4 chan era. sources on that:

Also there is no implication that you are greater, you're the only generating that sort of malice here. I am made uncomfortable by the label I don't like it for myself and others have the right to be made uncomfortable too and I don't find it in anyway essential to my identity so I'm not denying anything core to who I am. I'll just spend more time with adventure time things or do more work on the rpg system I'm working on. This isn't too much of a lose for me. Honestly there is no harm done here cloppers aren't inferior but no one who isn't violent is according to me it doesn't change the fact that I'm made extremely uncomfortable by them and want to remove my association with them, it hurts no one and it helps me enjoy life more. Thus, I do it.

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Well I'm still responding to comments in this thread because I feel like I should elaborate my position to those questioning it but it's all limited to this thread, and as soon as it goes dead as it already pretty much has I'm gone.

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No more like, I'm uncomfortable with the label I have now so you can do whatever you want without malice I just don't feel comfortable around the label any more. So more like a "this party is making me feel uncomfortable so I'll just go on my own initiative" thing. I'm not trying to convince anyone to stop liking anything.

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No not really, and there is no equation to show a direct relationship between amount of porn produced and amount of consumers. Plus it's not like the raw number of clop related things is somehow recorded and made common knowledge. I did not notice many people talking about jerking it to ponies in the forums I was in.