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I was blown away by Spike's flawless logic:
"If I wasn't supposed to have it, it wouldn't be so easy to get!"

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All the VAs were good, but the ones for Scootaloo and the Diamond dogs really stood out for me!

And I have no idea who that janitor was, but I kept re-watching that conversation because it was hilarious.
"Are you sweeping that road...?"
"No, I'm giving it a massage, cause it has cramps."

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That GIF with Rainbow, Spike and Owlowiscious. I love it. Strange that Spike kept quiet throughout the episode though...

Ah, well. He's such a great guy that he can still be funny, even without speaking.

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I'm going to be the oddball here and say Spike and Rainbow Dash.

Shipping or not, I can see these two wrecking true havoc upon Ponyville.

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Dragonfire. Featuring Spike.

*cries in corner*

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"Pinkie Pie apologized profusely."
"Fluttershy could not stop crying!"
"Applejack's body solidified!"
"Spike is feeling funky..."
"Rainbow Dash took mortal damage!"
"Rarity was diamondized!"

"It did not work on Twilight Sparkle!"

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When the synopsis for "Trade Ya" first appeared I made a comment about Spike better being in the episode. It's like they wrote this extended synopsis just for me! No? Just let me have this!

As for "Inspiration Manifestation" I wonder if Spike is going to keep Rarity from freaking out about the bad visions, like he did Twilight in "Lesson Zero"? I sure hope so!

Oh, man! I can't believe I'm actually this hyped up!

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Still, I'd rather have scumbag Spike than the bumbling idiot in "Spike at Your Service"

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You, my man, are my type of guy. Consider yourself followed.

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True dat. Spike is half the reason I watch MLP nowadays. The other half is because of the Mane 6.

YES, I consider him just as awesome as six other characters COMBINED.