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#0 - Pixel art is always fun!

#1 - My heart broke during this scene. And now this picture is exacerbating the aforementioned heartbreak. Artists, why must you do this to me?!

#4 - I know so many "sports dads" like that. My dad used to be one! :P

#12 - Her eyes really pop in this one. Very nice!

#14 - Totes adorbs! ^^

#16 - Such a heartwarming song. Such heartwarming artwork of heartwarming song.

#24 - This one's a really good take on the starry mane thing!

#28 - Cake! :D

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Right up there with sleeping puppies! ^^

#5 - Already some great work from yesterday's comic issue!

#15 - :D

#16 - Me too, Spike. Me too.

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Well, I've already started Final Exams this week (with more to come in the next few days). So yeah, I'm pretty much fully dead in the brain-region. Only thing to look forward to now is the new episode on Saturday. Plus, Anthology 3 releases on the same day! That should contain plenty of randomness for you, no?

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Another thing I love about King Sombra, is that he's the only major villain who's just a regular unicorn (albeit a very powerful one). Therefore all the evidence so far indicates that his actions aren't a question of survival (like Chrysalis), nature (Discord), or misguided anger (Nightmare Moon). He actively chose to be evil, to do all of the horrible things he has done, with no excuses or apologies. He's looking to be the first truly evil being in the series.

Concerning Attack On Titan: I know, right?!?! Everything about it is so spectacularly, amazingly incredible! It's just absolutely magnificent. And yes, the soundtrack is mind-boggling Looks like we'll be in for a few month's wait for Season 2, but it'll be SO worth it! XD

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AWWWWWW YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Thank you so much! It's now safe to say that my entire existence is well and truly complete!

By far one of Friendship is Magic's greatest strengths is its diverse cast of wonderful characters. And of course, the villains go along with that. Nightmare Moon is great because her backstory is so tragic and relatable. It - like you said - is something of a fallen hero tale. Discord is just a fun character, plain and simple - owing in no small part to the amazing John de Lancie. And Chrysalis had the benefits of a great plot-twist reveal and a top-notch song.

I sometimes have a hard time explaining to people exactly why I like King Sombra so much. As a character, he's certainly less developed/intersting than any of the other villains. However, he's by far the darkest and most mysterious of the antagonists - in both concept and presentation. He's quite literally, a shadow of his former self, at least during the events of the episodes. And incidentally, that's my favorite type of antagonist. There are so many great things to love about the other villains, and I like them all for different reasons. But for me, there's something inherently awesome about a villain holding a bit of mystery - a villain who doesn't necessarily have clear-cut motivations or origins. It harkens back to a primal fear of the unknown, and it's a storytelling aspect that intrigues me.

Also, Jim Miller has stated that he got inspiration for King Sombra's voice from the song 'Crystal Skull' by Mastodon, officially making King Sombra the most metal of all FiM villains. Thus, your argument is invalid.

PS - I forgive you Eclipse. But only because of the header...

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Oh my gosh, yes! You're the best! Also, we should have a Skype call sometime in the near future. ^_^

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I'll give you three guesses as to who my header request would be :P

And I would think that - even without Rainbow's intervention - the Mane 6 would still have gotten their cutie marks (albeit in a different way). I mean, if their cutie marks represent their true passions and callings in life, then it's probably something they would have figured out eventually.

Having said that, I love, how the story was presented in that episode. The whole "we were connected before we even knew it" thing was, like, pretty deep man!

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I'm here! I'm here...

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Want it, need it...classic nightmare fuel!

Other than the show, I like to keep up with the comic series. I've never been big on comics before, but I'll just chalk it up to another thing ponies have sucked me into :P

As for fandom stuff: art, music, and animations can usually keep me pretty occupied. I've also gotten into fanfiction. "Fallout: Equestria" took up my entire 2012 summer. There's a lot of fanfics out there, but if you can find some good ones (of which there are plenty), you'll be set for life! Currently reading 'My Little Changeling: Friendship Is Weird."

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ERMERGERD! Eclipse post! I know a famous person!