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Because Blogger is still supported, updates to that apparently gradually break IntenseDebate.
But I understand your point about support. There are many applications that get 'streamlined', i.e. remove all the features that confuse people on the first run.

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Disqus uses Gravatar, so make sure you make your account using the right email (if you have multiple Gravatars).

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I like IntenseDebate more than my experiences with Disqus because it is neater and more colourful. I'm not sure how many blogger comment systems are around, but please check out a few alternatives to Disqus before making a decision.

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Yes! I came here specifically hoping for a Miku new year.

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Just some feedback: put a short description for what every series is, even just one line, next year this is done.

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You can continue writing without any expectation of publishing it. I find that lets me take the risks necessary and lowers the rigidity of the internal editor.

You can also ask "what can go wrong?" and pick among the worst things that could happen to further along the story. Keep raising the stakes by lowering the fortune of your characters.

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How would Rainbow Rocks end if Sunset Shimmer, instead of learning the guitar, had learned the flute?

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According to the quiz, I would most belong at Crystal Prep Academy. I agree, so the quiz works!

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99 bronies go to Equestria. 1 has to stay behind and work the portal.

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Pani Poni Dash
It's okay to just watch the first 12.