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You wandered here because you're a troll and you were near the library where the internet is free (socialism!) for unemployed losers such as yourself. Party on!!

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Go fuck yourself, "Ol' Navy BOY."

Serf may be a redundant dickhead but he's a helluvalot closer to the truth than you and your ilk will ever be. Clothe yourselves in whatever patriot bullshit you think is necessary, but, at the end of the day, his point -- however boring and redundant -- is closer to what's happening than yours.

As you are known by the company you keep, nothing you say is worthwhile. Your version of "America" is distinctly UN-American. You're a hypocrite and an asshole, Kevin. I love how you spent years in a tin can under the ocean, never seeing a bullet fired in your general direction, and yet still wrap your entire identity around being a veteran. Compared to the boys currently in Afghanistan, you might as well have been in the Coast Guard, you weeping pussy. To you, "service" was doing a job and getting a paycheck before blowing it on Filipino trannies. How many dicks did you suck on that sub, anyway? Rah, rah, America, fighting for freedoms, but, hey, I'll be underwater. Man, that's the shit heroes are made of. Glad you massaged your entire self-image around it. Impressive, if it wasn't so fucking sad, you pompous, self-righteous head case.

In the final analysis, you moronic jerkoffs elected Glenn Beck as your new Messiah, a man who is, demonstrably, a charlatan and an agitator. And here you still are, arguing a bunch of fascist bullshit, while getting nothing done. Wonder why you lost the last election? Because internet warriors such as yourselves sat at home with their keyboards and did nothing, all the while patting themselves on the back for the amount of bullshit comments they'd made in an on-line echo chamber of stupid, not to mention that your idiotic fascist bullshit pissed exactly half the country off. By the time the election rolled around, I think it was less important to most people that Obama won, than annoying flag-waving idiot Teabaggers ate shit. 'Nuff said.

All you fuckers are about as patriotic as swamp gas. Talk is cheap, and so are y'all. If brains were gunpowder, the lot of you couldn't blow the top off a PEZ dispenser. Wanna make America a better place and return her to her past glory? Swallow poison, assholes.

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Hey, Tea Tard, good job on all your hard work pissing people off and convincing them to vote against the right. Four more years! Thanks, man. And thanks for living in a blue state; that's the icing on the cake, isn't it?

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Yeah, take it from a pro. Learn the law, and then go on KOMO and make a fool of yourself.

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If that's what you got out of my comment, then I can only hope that you are being tended by nurses that change your diapers regularly, because you have to be severely retarded.

Would widdums like some applesauce? I bet widdums would. Sound familiar? I bet it does.

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Thanks for confirming everything I ever thought about you or your comments, "Locke's Child."

Oh, and congrats on the most infantile, arrogant and, frankly, erroneous, screen name on here. Maybe you should have gone for the gusto and named yourself "Einstein's Clone."

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I'd rather see a raccoon in my backyard than read one of your wrongheaded comments "Locke's Child," so you tell me who the "vermin" is.

Trust me: if there was an internet version of a mousetrap for stupidity, you'd be in it.

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$520 per hour?

What is this I don't even...

How is it even possible to have a service that's so valuable that it's worth five hundred dollars per hour?

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Also, apparently, despite the myriad of problems you cite, you have nothing better to do than read said article and comment on it. Go figure.

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I think this graph will explain the phenomenon you are talking about:

Disclaimer: the graph in no way represents my opinion on the matter.