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Sounds like maybe what they should do then is cut the pay of the guys with side loading trucks that are making way too much now and use that money to buy the side loading trucks for the crews that don't have them. Even the ones taking a pay cut would still be making far more than the rest of us that perform much more challenging jobs make.

By doing this the guys getting the new trucks will have less physically demanding jobs like their counterparts have. To me this makes sense as its obvious the guys with the side loaders are way over paid, so rather than asking the taxpayers to fork over more money that burden should instead fall on the crews that barely ever have to leave the confines of the truck and just drive and push buttons all day. It’s a bummer for the harder working guys to have to work so much harder then their counterparts, but that isn’t the taxpayers fault and the burden should not be on the taxpayer to equalize things. It should be their coworkers that should take the hit to equalize the work load and the compensation.

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"At the same time you might bring the union compensation in alignment with the majority of workers out there."

<SARCASM>Whoa there, that's crazy talk my friend. If they did that then the rest of us would be able to keep more of our own money to pay for our own bills. If you were able to pay our own bills, afford to send your own kids to go to college or afford to keep a roof over your head so these union guys couldn't have cradle to grave financial security how would that look!? You sound rather selfish to me. Please submit yourself to the mandatory government counseling and attitude adjustment program immediately.</END SARCASM>

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The idea of negotiation is that everyone gets part of what they want and are unhappy about other parts of the deal. As such I think the higher paid drivers should only take a $4.50 /hr pay cut then the so called under paid drivers get a $4.50 / hr raise. That is how we compromise!

Of course if neither side accepts that offer then (and this is my preferred option) cancel both contracts, privatize the entire operation and anyone that doesn't like it will be replaced by the millions of people out there looking for a great paying job with great benefits and low end skill requirement.

I work in a high tech field requiring some serious skills and I don't get anywhere near what these guys make. And if decided to strike, well then I'd be out of a job.

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"Nevada's regulations require two people in the test cars at all times."

So what is the reasoning for having to have two people in the test car at any one time? If the car goes haywire and suddenly decides to veer into oncoming traffic then you have two casualties instead of one.

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Then stop reading it; you're driving the prices up! LOL ;-)

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I gave you a thumbs up, but I was considering giving you a thumbs down just for having the thought cross your mind! ;-)

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Oh my Justthinin, you' weren't supposed to pay attention to the taxman behind the curtain! After all "it's for the children".

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“The Constitution trumps the statutes,” she said.

This is dead on correct. How can a judge determine that it can be anything else!? They are NOT selling the milk, they are drinking it for their own family. Andy why the heck does this upset the dairy industry in Wisconsin that these people would do this? Do they think that they'll be a rush of everyday Wisconsin citizens going to to buy a cow and drink it's unpasteurized milk! Seriously.

Based on this judges ruling then we as citizens can't have our own little garden and produce some crops just for our own families. Just another example of government taking over our lives.

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I have the 2002 Sonata which is the one that looks kind of like a Jaguar and its been a fantastic car. From our family buying that one car it led to our extended family to buy 3 or 4 Sonata's and a few more Elantra's and they all have had great things to say about them. They are definitely one of the most if not the most well equipped cars for the money and are the equivalent of much more expensive cars.

I'm sure there will always be a lemon that gets through now and then, but Hyundai then has the best warranty you can get to back it up. And no, I don't work for Hyundai. ;-)

With that said though I'm not a fan of the hybrid model. I think it's kind of ugly and you would think that a hybrid could do better than just 6 extra mpg then the standard model.