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Actually the detectives in the case forwarded it to the prosecutors with the recommendation Zimmerman be charged with Manslaughter. The prosecutors office declined to charge the case. What people don't understand is police investigate crimes and report the facts to the prosecutors office with charging RECOMMENDATIONS. the actual charging decision always lies with the prosecutor. In this case the it is now going to grand jury where the grand jury will decide if there is enough evidence to charge a crime. Educate yourself before you start hating on the police for stuff they have no control over.

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KOMO should be ashamed of publilshing this photo of this monster touching his kid. This is not the image that should be remembered of Josh, who escaped all worldly justice and murdered 3 innocent people.

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You can develope probable cause from the odor of marijuana in a vehicle. That probable cause just goes on a search warrant affidavit which takes about 5 minutes to write. The judge then signs it and the car is searched. The odor isn't "pc" to arrest the occupants but still "pc" to get a legal search warrant from a judge. You don't even need the dog. Also you could be detained for a reasonable amount of time or allowed to leave after being ID'd but your car will be held until the search warrant is completed.

People like Scott 206 who din't understand the actual legal process do a disservice by giving bad advice.

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Wow. A few citizens ready to throw away the protections of the Constitution over a couple of people killed by lawless people who already don't follow the current laws. WTF? Hell no. Far fewer poeple have died violent deaths in the last 100 years than any ohter time in history. READ PEOPLE READ!!!!!

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Pete Holmes is a communist and part of the reason we are losing this city. When the city attorney supports the rally to redistribute the wealth of the people who work and realize the American dream by a bunch of lazy ultra libs you can see how far we have fallen down the hole of our own making. WTF

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The "the jails are full of pot smokers" argument is BS. I have taken plenty of evil people to the jail and never been turned away because it was full.

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Wow, you must be on the pipe! Hard drugs fall off?l Hardly the case. And Mexican drug cartels deal mostly in cocaine and heroin not pot. This would not touch the violence in Mexico or affect hard drug use.

As for the tax angle... revcent studies done in California show the value of marijuana on the open marked would drop to $35 an ounce. Any artificial inflation by the government (like with tabacco) would cause illegal sales to be proffitable again. Get educated before you post.

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While I agree with you in principal none of these guys can even make it through 1-2 years probation without re offending.

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Actually you are wrong. KCSO does have a gang unit and has had one (albeit small) for the last 3 years. They have 6 detectives and a DOC Specialist who work gang cases. Most of our problems in the county come Hispanic and Asian gangs while Seattle has most of the African American gang issues.

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Let them smoke in the cars! OBAMA care, the other nanny state bill that passed will take care of their health problems for free!!!!!! WHeeeeeeeeeeee