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LOSERS, why are you morons out there when i thought your boy curious george was gonna get u back to work. keep voting for idiots like him, patty murray, harry reid, the worthless govenor. you worthless scums keep begging for handouts, wait instead of begging get a job, stop buying new cars you cant afford, quit having a bunch of kids u cant take care of, quit going to expensive colleges you cant afford, quit racking up credit card dont you cant pay back, grow up and take care of yourselves like the rest of us have to do. your responsible for your financial outcome not the government you libtard morons. just to let u know i think all politicians are crooks so keep voting these idiots in, furthermore if u think a politician gives a ratts butt about you then you really are dumb.

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Yea must have been a real scumbag to get killed by the police, cops never kill innocent people. They are always right. That should make all the cop lovers on here happy.

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All politicians are liars and crooks,even your boy obama

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Yea and Obama has done the same thing as u say the republicans want to do.for almost 3years he's thrown more money to wall street,bankers,rich people,unions but since your blind u haven't seen that or u just don't want to admit it. But I may be wrong I think all the unemployed people,the poor,the homeless have gotten all of that stimulus money and bail out money,I'm sure None of it has gone to rich people and big business and wall street and bankers as u suggest the republicans want to do.oh wait a minute who has been in charge the last 3 years and thrown down the toilet 3 trillion dollars only to see the unemployment rise and things get worse

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Shut up you moronic pile of crap,you are a moron and a pea brained bleeding heart douchebag.this was premeditated murder all the way,even ray Charles could see that.let me guess someone could kill someone right in front of you and u would still say it wasn't a murder.listen you tree hugging libtard crawl back to your hole

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What a sham,this is bullcrap and a perfect example of why our justice system is a joke.this is what happens when u put a bunch of bleeding heart liberals and morons on a jury.this worthless scumbag murdered her daughter and if u believe she was innocent you should just put a bullet in your own head because you are a waste of breathe and more point if this was a man that had done the same exact thing he'd be already on death row, u worthless jurors should hang yourselves you piles of crap.this is ridiculous,if this is our justice system in a nut shell we need to get rid of it because wasting taxpayer dollars and fattening the pockets of worthless lawyers and judges to let killers go free is bullcrap

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JAKE LOCKER IS A BUM, he cant throw the ball with any amount of accuracy, he wont be able to run all over the field against nfl caliber players like he did in college, he is not a quarterback, he didnt win much in colege and in 5 years he wont even be in the nfl. thank goodness hes no longer the huskies quarterback and the owner of the tennessee titans will realize in a couple years he wasted a pick and money on this wannabee quarterback

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and 6 of the last 10 will be people that cant speak english or there father works for the fire department

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string both of these a-holes that were racing, one of these a-holes should have died instead of the innocent victim in this. our justice system will do nothing but put these 2 idiots away for a couple of years only to let them out so they can do this again, our justice system is a sham. murder( not the weak charge of vehicular homicide) should be the only charge and neither of these 2 racing idiots deserve to live PERIOD

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all of you politicians are blowhards and liars, period. its all your faults, your the ones who make laws and engage in special deal making to screw over the american people. the only people to blame are our worthless politicians