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These people are nuts. The (non existent) god of the Koran demands this type of behavior from its followers.

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Follow the money and prosecute the donors. They are funding the destruction of public and private property.

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Everyone is born with impulses. What separates us from the animals is we can choose not to act on those impulses. Some impulses can cause people to behave in unnatural ways

Base nature beasts are driven by impulse.

What this poor ignorant woman fails to understand is behaviors are acts/actions. Sexual lust is no different than the lust of greed. Both are impulses, both require a decision of whether to act or not.

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You country fried liberals just don’t get it. The unions are the ones who destroyed Detroit and GM. The unions destroyed American Airlines and are destroying all the other industries in which they are involved.

The overwhelming bulk of union workers are lazy non producing leeches. They are the only working group that will vote themselves out of a job and try and blame others.

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The most dangerous place for a black person is in the mother’s womb. 1 out of every 4 black children are aborted thanks to liberals like Michael Moore.

Tell me Mike, is KILLING black children hate?

Liberals want to make sure a black person only has a 75% chance at life.

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Obama is an enemy of the constitution.

Plain and simple, his actions are proof.

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Unemployment is at 15% according to the CBO.

The government is keeping the economy in the toilet on purpose so people become dependent.

All the rest is political spin.

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Santelli is a straight shooter, here are the facts, lets deal with them type of guy.

A voice of sanity.

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Obama thought the joke was funny; because in his mind, no one before him ever thought of it.

Classic case of narcissism, an extremely dangerous mindset for a president to have.

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I will vote for Newt in the primary.