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In Sweden they are called "Foppa tofflor" and they are banned in many hospitals as you build up static electricity when walking in them and it can effect electronic equipment. So don't wear them while you're on the net.

And,yes, they are hideous.

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This blog post and the others on the same theme have given me much to ponder. And it have strengthened me in a conclusion I'v arrived at recently, that we know that we ARE women. Our first identity should be as women. To know in the depth of my soul, without a shadow of a doubt, that I AM a woman.

The rest, race, sexual orientation, political affiliation, cis or trans, musical taste, everything that makes us unique individuals are secondary. Even if those secondary characteristics often are the ones that makes us fight for rights and acceptance, in my case lesbian and trans issues. But I always do that from the base that i am a woman.

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In Sweden a name like Gud Välsigne or somesuch wouldn't be allowed. But there have been some changes in what name an adult can chose to add, not to change to, to an existing name. You can now add a name commonly associated with the opposite gender. Like Katherine could now be called Katherine Johan. I just a few minutes ago posted a blog post re the Swedish name laws at