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Thanks for the feedback.

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The above article has been stolen by Gary Thomas Bolton from Preston, UK, redistributed without my permisson.

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Thanks for posting :) Looks great. Always fun to get some inside info just to get more excited about the movie. Can't wait to see it. Let's hope they're not going to be an* about it and force this page down ..

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I understand. But the privacy is in your hands. You decide what you can share. I for example won't put up anything there that should remain private, unencrypted. And I remove what I no longer need to be listed there. And I only put items in the public folder that I have no problem becoming public. Since it's in my hands, I have no worries about privacy. And optionally encrypting something like a backup of an addressbook isn't too hard.

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Excellent write up :) Thank you for contributing to the web site.

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Various tools, I have a localhost page that I use as portal in one of my browsers, it gets data from various products all in 1 place. Allowing me to customize it a bit.

I use on the Mac, some of the google app tools, and of course,

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I will be joining you in that drink :-)