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Why not? The current generation that is in power will be dead by the time the bills start coming in.

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Depends, is you r 5 year old annoyingly morally superior about his right to be Spiderman?

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Does it require intense effort, thousands of hours of training, stellar coordination, excellent skating skills, and an outstanding grasp of rhythm and movement?
Hells yeah, it's a sport.

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Okay, so no new spending- how about spending cuts?

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But can we really justify ceasing to fund an organ that, tainted as it justly should be by past events, still manages, by and large, to do good work the world over? Can you name a single other organization that has the poer, the influence, and the manpower to accomplish what it can?
If so, please do.

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Clearly a lucid and charming man, even at his advanced age. May he rest in peace.
On a different note, it is arguable that WWI is the best example of a war that Canada has been involved in- by which I mean it was morally ambiguous. Regardless of themotives behind WW2, the result was excellent- the fall of Nazi Germany and of the death and labour camps. Morally ambiguous, with so many lives lost- and for what? A struggle between geo-political superpowers and for Imperialism's dying gasps. Does any other war come to mind?

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Do you know, madeyoulook, i don't know that you are wrong- having separate months to recognize afro-canadian history- as you put it, an 'us' and a 'them' history seems to do nothing but 'other' people who history has traditionaly ignored. And if we're going to do that, then why not have a a Gay History Month or a Chinese History Month? It would seem to perpetuate the idea that there is more than one history, that all of our stories are not equally important. I would be happy enough to see the need for such days die away as we begin to recognize the important acheivements, historically, of all Canadians, regardless of race, sexuality, colour or creed.

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Good on ya, Jack. We're all behind him, and wish him a speedy recovery.
On the tangent, it makes one wonder- Tommy Douglas will always be, in my mind, 'Tommy Douglas'- not Mr. Douglas- but at the same time, the other politician I hold in the highest esteem, Lester B Pearson, I would never think of as 'Lester'. I suppose, then, that what we address politicians as has less to do with our opinions of them and more to do with their approachability.

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Oh, God. __Thank you, Michael, for reporting this. It's hard to have any idea of the horror looking at it from here, but it's articles like these that allow us to try and grasp, even for a minute, the size of the catastrophe.

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Don't you know that everything in Canada is either a vast left-wing conspiracy or a right-wing conspiracy?
Personally, I'm a fan of the vast centreist conspiracy.