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Back at you RC.

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First he should have been more prepared for the issue. He had to know it would come up. He should have been able to name experts who disagreed with Laurence Tribe. How about the CRS report for one? Instead he did the usual attack the messenger shtick that he does. A better response would have been "We have researched the issue. We are confident. If the Democrats or any other candidate files we will vigorously oppose them and win." It would also be good to remind Trump that 200 lawsuits and challenges were brought against Obama and weren't a distraction. He should have also pointed out that the courts would never issue and advisory opinion as Trump suggests.

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It's looking like that is the case. The CRBA are optional anyway so it really isn't a big issue. the fact that he was born in Canada is the issue. I think Cruz has bungled the matter so far.

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Do you mean Drumpf?

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I think the Cruz campaign will have to publish a copy of Ted's CRBA or other equivalent documentation now. The jackass Trump has made Cruz Birtherism a story now.

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Thanks Doctor C.

This is all so simple. Why can't people understand it? Neil Abercrombie was pissed by the degenerates, aka Birthers, claims about the President's birth certificate. He thought that when he became governor he could shove the long form down their throats. He discovered that Hawaii code prohibited that. President Obama did just that in April 2011. The retards, aka Birthers, have been in denial ever since.

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Yes, please do Ramboo.

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Rambo (or was it a substitute) Ike wrote:

You never cease to amaze me on what lengths you'll go to and the mental gymnastics you employ when practicing your deceptions. Birthers HAVE NOT moved any goal posts on this - no one has.

The sound you heard was thousands of irony meters hitting the upper peg and snapping off the needles.

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Hey RC, don't be trashing my bud Robbie Falcon. He may come across as a childish, maladjusted, frustrated, delusional, paranoid, miscreant but I am sure he has some redeeming social qualities. I just can't think of any right now.

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I am still waiting for this Ramboike character to give us one example where a court ordered a team of inspectors into a state's record archives to view the "original record" vs. accepting a certified document. That's why states like Hawaii have verification letters. If there is some question about the provenance of a certified copy a verification letter can be obtained to verify whatever information needs to be authenticated. Of course that is exactly what the defendants did in the case in Mississippi and what two SoS's did in 2012.

Ike's idea of sending inspectors into an archive is so idiotic that it could only be suggested by either a liar or an idiot. I can't think of any other valid choices.