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My crazy Uncle Ike is a BlowHard, Rob is just a rabble rouser.
I used to suspect Rob didn't post at Doc's, Foggy's or your site because he was afraid of his ips, email or some other such "privacy" would be exposed...
Now that his ID is commonly known he should no longer have such concern....
he's just plain afraid to preach his drivel anywhere other than in his safehouse.

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He has been truthful on occasion.
His paternal grandfather did win an important case Beley v. Pennsylvania Mutual Life. His other grandfather had a furniture factory where Rob claims to have worked... and I'm 100% sure.
.... and he says Bigfoot is a real creature and Sandy Hook is a hoax.... neither of which is redeeming but I had to mention anyways.

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I'm not surprised you choose to believe a gossip columnist that admitted he lied about a conversation that never happened.

I'll bet you believe all the Lindsay Lohan and Snookie stuff too.


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You always resort to last gasp empty grasp word game. Can you produce yours? No. ....
As for Abercrombie all you have is his "friend" making a claim and admitting it was false... I've told you this before and will again... Evans is the friends name and here is what he really said.
"This I can you tell you is 100% fact," he told Fox News. "Neil never told me there was no birth certificate... I never talked to him."
Evans also told the Daily News in an e-mail that he was "STUNNED!" when his statements appeared in headlines nationwide.
"I NEVER knew I said it until I heard it," he wrote, adding that he feels "embarrassed" by the entire incident. "NO MORE POLITICS FOR ME!!" the entertainment journalist said. "From now on, I'm sticking with Lindsay Lohan and Snookie stuff."

you can do better... at least try

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THE COURT: All right. And you don't have any control over those funds?

Doesn't the answer indicate that yes, I do have some control?

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... and he cried and said he was sorry... some Birther hero huh?

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Making up quotes is how Uncle Ike rolls. I've gone round and round with him on this for years and explained it to him time and time again.
Besides his poor reading comprehension shills, he cannot grasp the concept of quotation marks. He'll add a word, or omit a word, or make up a word and still put it in quotes.
His weakness is strong.

You cannot trust anything he puts in quotation marks as true

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Good grief... you're whining about being called a whiner... you never fail to amuse.

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Bless your heart.