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The BirtherReport.com and ObamaReleaseYourRecords.com domains have expired, along with the Cold Case Posse site mscoccp.org.

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It would seem to follow that if you say Muslim theology makes the son of a Muslim a Muslim, and that for you that makes Obama a Muslim, then it must follow that you are a follower of Muslim theology; i.e., you are a Muslim. I had no ideal.

Nothing in "A Singular Woman" says that Ann Dunham was either Muslim, or a member of Subud. I have a copy of the book and I checked it carefully.

Eight years, and the birthers still can't get anything right.

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How the heck does can someone be "born a Muslim"? No evidence exists that Ann Dunham was ever a Muslim or a member of the cult you mention. All you do is make stuff up, and demand proof that it didn't happen. That's not how it works. You have the burden of proof.

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Obama's birth certificate, confirmed by the State of Hawaii, proves where she was.

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So you have no proof, and you're comfortable with that, even though I documented Zullo providing significant false information in each of his major presentations. (He also lied to the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers conference, making it 4).

I can document my findings, and you have nothing but the word of a liar and a fool, and yet you say that I have no leg to stand on. Well, there's nothing that can be done for someone who wants to stay ignorant.

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Trick language is when Zullo said that some of the anomalies reported in the Obama PDF were found in Xerox PDFs, but failed to say that he, Zullo, is the one who presented those anomalies, and that ALL of the ones he presented were found in the Xerox output.

Trick language is when Zullo said that he would address the appearance that the Ah'Nee certificate invalidated some of the Posse's earlier reports, but he never actually addressed any of them.

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Just to be clear. the people in line in the YouTube preview are not Christians in Times Square, but voters in Michigan lined up to vote. No intentional mislabeling here or in the video, but the image YouTube picked is misleading.

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I really don't understand your question about refuting the Hayes report and the ForLab report. Surely you know that the Reed Hayes report was never made public. As far as I know, the ForLab report hasn't been released either. So no, I have not refuted the reports that Zullo keeps hidden from public scrutiny.

You give me the reports and I'll respond. Until them, they are nothing but vague claims.

If you listened carefully, Zullo admitted in his recent press conference that some of the things that he had publicly declared were marks of forgery in his first press conference report turned out NOT to be marks of forgery, but rather marks of a Xerox copier. (For example, the Papit report released by Zullo with the first press conference said that no machine or software creates multiple 1-bit layers. The Xerox does.) Zullo provided no example of something not reproduced by the Xerox machine. He said that in various tests they got different numbers of layers, proving that it is variable. He said that they never could reproduce the Obama certificate exactly--but how could they? They didn't have Obama's certificate to test with!

The independent tests that were done with a close facsimile of Obama's certificate replicated everything that Zullo ever claimed to be a mark of forgery.

Now you say that you have expertise, although not specifically in image optimization and compression. So how about YOU say what the anomaly is that no Xerox machine can reproduce. Make your challenge, but don't just make vague claims.

In my experience the whole of birtherism, apart from the outright lies, is composed of vague and unproven claims.

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A very important thing that the slow of mind might have missed in the Zullo press conference is that he admitted that the "marks of forgery" he presented in his previous first press conference were proven NOT to be marks for forgery by the Xerox experiments. That is Zullo said "THESE are marks of forgery" and they were not. So Zullo with, wearing his serious investigator persona was spouting bullshit at his first press conference.

Further the Ah'nee certificate proves that the race code table that Zullo presented in his SECOND press conference was a fake. So Zullo said: these codes prove that Obama's birth certificate is a fake" only the codes were 100% correct. Zullo was fooled by fabricated evidence, but again with his law enforcement persona flanked by Joe Arpaio, he spoke more bullshit.

And worst of all, the Ah'nee certificate PROVES that the numbering scheme that Zullo swore to in his Alabama affidavit, was false. Remember his claim that his investigators found that certificate were numbered in date order, and that they double checked to make sure they were wrong? The Ah'nee certificate blows that whole theory apart, and now that Zullo admits to having the Ah'nee certificate for years, we know that when he gave that affidavit, he KNEW that the certificate numbering scheme he presented as fact was fake.

So this one birth certificate proves that Zullo lied or was grossly incompetent THREE TIMES. You're willing to accept Zullo's word and expertise on its face? You apparently have lost the power of independent thought.


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I watched Arpaio's little show. It was easy to see through Zullo's trick language. The fact is that his video doesn't show what he says it did.

Of course, he could have said ANYTHING and the birthers would have believed it. They are beyond redemption.