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Your ESL classes aren't going well, are they? You still haven't even learned subject/verb agreement. If I were you, I'd get a refund. I could help you find an adult literacy program, if you'd like. That could turn your whole life around!

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The only thing I've ever said about communism is that it's a failed ideology. The fact that I wore a funny hat to make a funny video doesn't change that in the slightest. I'm a capitalist entrepreneur, and have owned my own businesses for more than 20 years. So naturally a feeble moron would expect me to defend communism. You're a joke, punk.

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When A&Z Day comes, the birthers will run this great nation the way our Founding Fathers would have wanted, if our Founding Fathers had been drooling morons.

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Can't you write anything intelligent at all? Does it always have to be "Duh, duh, duh"?

Today I'm working on a website for the PTA of my son's high school. I'm a web designer now, so I volunteered to help them. Took some photos at the school this morning and some of them will also work as profile photos for their Twitter and Facebook, as well as the website. Not a paying gig but it will help me build my portfolio of websites I've built, which will lead to other jobs in the future. It's also just a nice thing to do, volunteering for a worthwhile organization.

This afternoon I'll be at the local TV studio giving information about the Affordable Care Act. I'm still a licensed health insurance agent and certified for this year on the Marketplace. Like last year (ask Falcon for the photo) I'll get quite a number of clients out of the deal.

Oh yeah, and I'm finishing up the new desk I'm building for my son, down in my woodworking shop. Cherry veneer tabletop with a 3/4" border of white oak. Looking very classy so far, but that will improve when I get it fully sanded and varnished.

So, umm ... yeah. Just being a capitalist entrepreneur who owns two businesses, and doing woodworking and taunting morons on the side. Pretty good day so far.

How about you? What are morons doing today, now that Gary Wilmott of confirmed what I've been saying since last May, that there will never be an A&Z Day? Not this year, not next year. Never.

'Course, when A&Z Day does come, every birther will be given 3 solid bricks of pure gold and a flying unicorn that farts rainbows. They'll look so majestic, soaring through the sky on their pretty ponies!

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When A&Z Day comes, the skies will be filled with eagles and beautiful butterflies. The oceans, lakes, and rivers will be covered with rose petals. Jesus will come down from Heaven and personally throw President Obama and all the Obots into a lake of fire.

Have a nice day!

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There are two types of citizens of the US - naturalized citizens and natural born citizens. President Obama is a natural born citizen. How has lying about that for six years worked out for you so far? President Obama was born in Hawaii. Hawaii, in 1961, was one of the United States. Thus, President Obama is a natural born citizen. Ten different courts have ruled since 2008 that his father's citizenship is IRRELEVANT.

You have correctly identified the LOSING argument, because birthers are LOSERS and President Obama is a WINNER.

Have a nice day!

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It's always fun to see a birther get all threaty, like telling Obots we're going to hang. Do you know that birthers have been threatening me with prison and/or hanging for 6 years now? But you'll need to prove you're right, first. You'll need some prosecutors on your side. You'll need some law enforcement on your side. After six years, you've got none of that. Try to keep in mind: You're LOSERS.

Hey, RC flipped more than a year ago, right? He ratted me and Dr. Conspiracy out, it's solid known gospel on Birther Report. How come me and Doc C. are still walking around loose? Weren't we supposed to be put in prison by now? Get on the stick, punk!

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BirtherReport (to BSE re: Dr. Conspiracy and Dr. Chris Kaufmann):
You're truly nuts if you believe they are the same person.....

Must you spam every thread with the same absurd images? It's getting pretty old... There's plenty of other forums you can discuss those issues that have nothing to do Obama's background/eligibility...

Oh man. That's really harsh, BR. I hope you'll reconsider. I'm on BSE's side on this one. Poor BSE has no job; he's too crazy to be employable. He has nothing else to do all day except spam your blog. This is really going to hurt him badly. No, there aren't any other forums that would accept him. Any other place he went, they'd think he was some kind of a warped neo-maxie-zoom-dweebie. He's too crazy even for the Infowars forum, poor guy. This is his only real option.

Besides, what harm has he done? You don't really think Doc C. is worried about BSE, do you? Yeah, yeah, I know - he and his vicious little pet chihuahua have chased away some slightly saner birthers, but honestly ... now that everyone is slowly realizing that A&Z Day is never coming, what real harm is there in chasing off a few birthers and talking about issues that have nothing to do with eligiblity? You do realize there's never going to be an A&Z Day, don't you? Tell you what - if A&Z Day comes any time in the years 2015 or 2016, I'll donate $50 to you by PayPal. Promise. You remember sending me those emails, so you know I have your email address.

Anyway, I'm asking nicely. Please allow BSE to continue spamming your blog with his juvenile, badly photoshopped graphics. Like Doc C said, who knew that DARPA owns the Wienermobile? The crappy graphics really don't make this blog seem any crazier than it already is, and some of them are really entertaining. Thanks, pal!

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"@Foggy - ... You know if you had stuck with one ID profile instead of creating countless sock-puppet profiles playing both sides I might have allowed you to stay and play under your Foggy handle. If you notice Dr. CON and several other obots comment here with no issue."

No, BR. You know very well, that's exactly the opposite of the truth. I would never have created any sockpuppets if you hadn't deleted my comments and banned my IP addresses first. Nice try, but you're talking to me now, not your sniveling ignorant brown-nosers. You delete my comments because I laugh at you and call you a coward. Be honest about it. You don't ban Doc C. because he's a perfect Christian gentleman and is always polite. I'm not like that. I'm more likely to smash all your teeth with a tire iron. I've seen you delete and ban dozens of Obots. You're just not tough enough to take it, pal.

"How does it feel to be relegated to Twitter and Fogblow?"

... and Facebook, and my North Carolina forum, and 8 other websites I own. It feels great, to be honest.

On Fogbow, I don't censor people. Here's a thread with our latest birther, who has 281 posts already.
I haven't deleted one single post, and I haven't banned him or his IP address. He has total freedom to post whatever he wants, and he has taken full advantage of it. He called me a "pathetic piece of shit" and told me to "fuck yourself". I just let it slide off. I'm tough enough to take it, unlike you. I've been called worse names by better people.

"Oh, never mind. Your answer won't be here long enough for all to see..."

Yeah, like I said. The other birthers here need you to protect them like little babies, otherwise I might hurt their little fee-fees and make them cry.

OK, coward. I'll disappear again. For a while. Wake me up if A&Z Day ever comes (Hint: It's not coming. Ever.)

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"Coward Joe will never have a press conference because the press will laugh in his face."

Wow, I said that, huh? Wasn't that last June? And was I right? Did Coward Joe ever have a presser? Did A&Z Day come, and I missed it?

Or was I right, and all these months later Joe himself hasn't said shit about another birther press conference? All he'll say is "We're looking for the forger" of a document that isn't a forgery. That's gonna take some time!