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What no love for the MKV wrapper?

Just to clarify, .AVI isn't a format but a wrapper or container for various video formats. AVI can have DivX format in it (instead of a .divx file), it's the common wrapper for Xvid (open source DivX), it can have H.264 video in it (although problematic), it can have MPEG1/4 video in it as well. It's a difficult format, but the two most common files in AVI container are videos from VFW and Xvid is what you'll see in it.

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OFF TOPIC: I know you own a Kindle, and just wanted to remind you in case you weren't aware but John Piper has a ton of free books in PDF.


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I've been using Teamviewer because many places block LogMeIn. It's also free and open source. You can also carry a portable version so if you want the speed of a desktop application but can't install anything on that computer you are still ok.

The main reason I use it is for support. Grandparents (etc.) have it available so if there's a problem I just get them to run the program, I take over and off I go fixing the issue.

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OFF TOPIC: Greg, I thought you might like to read through this Reddit thread. Some very interesting information there.

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Nice post, agreed too many praise bands do too much. You really know when a band gels when various members can sit back and not necessarily be silent, but know they are just there to fill in where there's a vacuum. A great song that might be a stepping stone from over playing to this Evanescence song is Everything by Lifehouse:

One of the best bands that I've ever heard play this is Michael Bleacker at the Village Church here in Highland Village. Good stuff.

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Check it out on Lala ($.89) and you can listen to the whole album (complete songs, not 30-sec clips) before you buy. Here's the link to Meteor Shower:

Here's the link for the Ocean Eyes (Deluxe Edition):

I'm listening to the entire album right now, liking what I hear. Reminds me of Death Cab for Cutie and Postal Service, $8.50 for a 19 song album ain't bad. Thanks, Greg.

(also hope Dallas is making you so nostalgic that you have to move back... ;)

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Agreed, Leno's standup is quite funny. But on the Tonight Show it felt like the entire show revolved around how much smarter he was or it highlighted the stupidity of other people. Jaywalking (stupid people out on the street), Headlines (either stupid press reports or stupid editors or copywriters missed something), and guests interviews (I felt he'd always have them talk about something stupid they did, instead of just a funny story and if it was just a funny story, Leno would always in some fashion make it sound as if a character in the story was as smart as he was), all felt like Jay-bolster-my-ego sessions. That's why when I started watching late night television, I watched Dave...until he got really weird.

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I disagree that everyone I talk to saying the Conan "didn't have enough time" before they kick him off. It's not a question of enough time it's a question of splitting audiences. The people that watched the Tonight Show because of Leno, left the Tonight Show w/Conan because they are now watching Leno. People that just like the style of show probably split 50/50 between watching Leno and Conan, and heavily depended upon other shows in Primetime that they wanted to watch (meaning people that just watch comedy shows often watch Leno ~3 days a week because on the other days that time slot was spent watching something else). You can't expect either Leno or Conan to have the same audience when you give the viewer more options. Think of it this way, when Coke introduced Diet Coke, they could never expect that with 3mil Coke drinkers that Coke will still have 3mil drinker as well as Diet Coke getting 3mil drinks. You could have a few Pepsi drinkers move to Diet Coke due to the Diet feature, but Coke is still got a limited set of drinkers. So, The Tonight Show's audience was split by NBC airing The Leno Show. NBC should have never expected Conan's Tonight Show to have the rating that Leno had. Leno would not have had the rating he had if NBC put a similar show at 10pm in front of him.

The situation is this. Conan was given great offers for more money to move from NBC (ie the spot the Kimmel eventually filled in 2003), NBC wanted him to stick around...which for Conan to stick around meant The Tonight Show. Deals were official in 2004, Conan was to host The Tonight Show in 2009 and Leno would retire. Zucker had the bright idea to save some money in the 10pm slot by putting a cheaper show that had a "history" of good ratings into that slot. Leno was given the job. After NBC realized that they could not live with this audience splitting problem (which by the way Execs from Viacom, Disney, and Turner predicted), they needed a way out. The problem with all this is, and it shows how out of touch Zucker is (hopefully, new owner Comcast will drop him), is that Leno will not return to the rating he once had after this either. Eventually he may, but it will probably take the same amount of time for Conan to return The Tonight Show to those ratings, after Leno's show was dropped. Zucker made a gamble and lost, and instead of accepting you failure and moving on, he's trying to get partial payment for a loss. Like a lottery purchaser wanting $1mil of a $6mil lottery because he picked 1 number right.

Conan played his hand as he should. Both back in 2003 and now. It's not like he was kicking Leno out the door, 17 years is a great legacy for Leno, and to be honest NBC knew that at that time. All of this was NBC having good plans and risky but good strategy, and then they borked the execution...and Conan is taking the consequences of NBC's failures...not NBC.

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I thought the Farve cam was nice. Wish the Cowboys would do that as Romo get's beat up for his sideline manner and I think it's just because we only see what the TV deems worthy.

But Farve didn't want to go back to GB under the current GM. I've read too many items about broken promises from the GM to Farve that even if half of them are true, it's reason enough to go looking elsewhere.

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Watched your X-Files episode the other day, and thought "I've always liked Victoria Jackson." thanks for solidifying that thought today!

Everyone should see it (Rain King), it's one of those X-Files guilty pleasure episodes.