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Element of Forgiveness

To do this element any poetic justice, the element should not be given to a new pony. Instead it should be passed around to each of them to embody this quality. Friends mess up, they go too far, they hurt each other's feelings, and we forget that they are people too in those moments. If hurt by a lie, cast away in greed, made the butt of a joke, abandoned, and just treated unkindly, it stings. But apologies can be made, and we can be forgiven.

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Damn. It's pretty damn true. If you give people the power to do whatever they want, they are gonna be evil fuckers.

But to give my own dark example, make them the most famous ponies there are so they never get another moment's rest.

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Got to love Twigileia's art!

Love her style and I hope to commission her when she gets to where she's going.

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And just what did you think the secret meaning behind Big Horse came from? Did you really think it was about a big horse?

I mean, it's written by two musically gifted homosexuals, one of whom draws r34. The comparisons might just be there!

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I'm currently putting together a Braeburn outfit for whenever a con comes to Texas. I think there's one soon, so really, all I have to do is get some highlights because the hair is the right length now.

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This is another thing I have to explain, which is why I'll usually hold up the toys we have that day before I take their money because I can still change their order before that. This has been a big issue especially a few months ago when we had, some accessory with Paul in its name.

They say, what you do is really confusing. And I of course apologize, and offer the other toy. A few have asked me to explain, and I say that parents are out of touch with what their kids are into, and who am I to deny the child the toy they really want because I called it a boy/girl toy and the parents didn't think any further than that.

Always explained in the most respectful way, and a lot of them have seen my reasoning.

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Action figures are traditionally able to move a bit. These are essentially dolls since they can't move.

There is a distinction.

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I work at mcdonalds and I can confirm this. I make a point to say which toy it is but I'm the only one that does. A few people have asked why I don't just say boy or girl toy and I say that one is a video game and the other is on a kids network. Neither of those are exclusive to gender.

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I'm pleased to announce that as of yesterday's shift at the mcdonalds I work at, we sold over 50 happy meals with Twilight or Pinkie in them to boys and girls. It was actually kind of funny, at one point. I make a point to say what the toys are, as opposed to saying girl or boy toy, and there was one boy I could hear saying he wanted a pony toy. His mom said, "I think that's the girl toy." And he said in that sarcastic voice only achievable by someone under six, "it costs the same for both toys." And that set off everyone on the headset. Rock on, kid with the hamburger happy meal with no pickles.

Now there were quite a few more girls who asked for Skylander toys, but none of them had a snappy story like that.

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Did you enjoy my teeth falling out stress dream, Luna? Because I was pretty fucking convinced it was real this time. Thank God your sister raised the damn sun or my cat wouldn't have woken me up and I'd have to do it myself. Fuck your night, fuck dreams, and fuck your sadistic viewing pleasure.