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Imagine now that the news doesn't care as much as you think.

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Oh, I'm sorry, it seems you are just caught up in the "things should die as a legend." crap. Let me guess, you also don't think video games shouldn't have sequels? Series like the simpsons or spongebob didn't turn bad because they are still going, they are bad because the creators don't see the potential anymore and are just now milking it. But, you see, My little pony still has loads of potential! Heck, the fandom has been coming up with something new everyday.

And I didn't know the quality of the show was based on your opinion. How about this? If you don't like alicorn Twilight so much, then leave, and start wishing death on the series else where.

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Why? There is loads of potential left. Especially now that twilight is an alicorn. If we could have had 3 seasons of Twilight and friends doing the same old, then why can't we have at least 3 more seasons of the new and improved Twilight?

Why would you want the series to end anyway? Because of a reasoning that doesn't make any sense?

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I do love Cave story without ponies. In fact, I rather not having ponies in cave story because I like Quote so much better. However, this isn't like putting a mustache on mona liza. And if it was, that would apply to most things ever to have been created rendering the argument useless. It's more like if you had two paintings. One with mona liza, and one with mona liza with a mustache, and you are allowed to pick which one you like better. However, the original is still there. Besides, does pixel even care?

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You obviously don't understand the joy of making something. Making something because you enjoy it spreads far beyond things like "overrated" and "What people think." If someone wants to spend their time making a cave story mod because it's something they enjoy, then they shouldn't be harassed over. Especially over this "invisible limit" people keep trying to enforce.

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Here's how's I think of it.

If there would have made it a two parter, then you would've have basically have either: A. Twilight acting like an idiot for a long length of time, or B. Boring amounts of talking that would've bored us to tears.

Plus, I don't get why people are upset over the fact that they didn't go into too much about the destiny of being an alicorn. Frankly, the finale's job was to introduce alicorn twilight and they did that well enough. Season 4 is going to explain it. Just watch.

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It's funny, even though she doesn't work on the show anymore, I still think Twilight becoming an alicorn was her idea. However, people just want to blame hasbro without evidence.

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Here's the funny thing. We don't even know if this is Hasbro's idea. There has been no confirmation of that from hasbro.

In fact, Laruen Faust being the one who came up with this seems much more logically seeing how there is hints to this in season 1.

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Oh hay, it's you.

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I would be fine with it. But we should wait for a collective review to see if it still would have as much magic as good ole' FIM. And, no, it sucks because it has humans is not a good review.